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Are you reacting or responding?

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How are you writing your song?

Are you reacting or responding?


Eleanora Amendolara dives into the difference between reacting and responding to help you bring a peaceful grasp on each situation you find yourself in. How can you mindfully approach things that seem thrown at you, ensuring to first take care of yourself and your unique process of writing your own song? 

Reacting or responding: How to master the two

By Eleanora Amendolara

If I had one wish for you, it would be that you would find the tools and concepts to write your own song. It all begins with how you receive input from the world around you.

Do you know the difference between emotions and feelings? Are you able to recognize when you are reacting and when you are responding to a situation?

Both emotions and reactions are historical. When you react with emotion, you’re influenced by what you remember from the past instead of what is actually happening in the present moment.

Feelings and responses, on the other hand, are both transitory. CONTINUE READING HERE…

As a healer who seeks to integrate the vibrations of individual human cells with the resonance of the highest spiritual frequencies, I want you to learn to create your own song using every tool in your physical, mental and spiritual toolbox.

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