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September 2016

Mind KEY / 2016 / September

Why Child-Driven Learning Works

Imagine a school where children choose their own lessons, and are motivated and enthusiastic to learn. Sounds like a parent’s fantastical utopia, doesn’t it? Sugata Mitra, founder of the Hole-in-the-Wall experiment and Minimally Invasive Education, doesn’t think so.  He discovered that through the use of learning centers, children were able to learn and thrive on their own, without the input of teachers. Many untraditional schools such as some Montessori and Waldorf schools utilize this concept of child-driven learning, as do many homeschooling families.  Child-driven education is also the defining characteristic of unschooling. Photo Credit: Shelby Sheene Shelby Sheene, mother of three unschooled children in Tampa Bay, Florida, says, “Unschooling is a method that embraces the idea that children want to learn. It is basically learning through life and...


What Is Aquarian Sadhana

What is Aquarian Sadhana? By Shantprem Kaur “Wait, five A M?”  I clarify as the beautiful woman all in white nods. “Uh, are you sure it’s not five PM?” I question hopefully. She smiles her angelic smile “Yes, I’m sure.” Yeah right, I think to myself. You’ll never find me doing that. But, at 5 am the next morning I find myself awake and motivated by curiosity. I wander down the hall of the retreat center beckoned by a quiet murmuring.  I crack the door, slide through the dimly lit room, and settle into the quiet chanting. A peace envelopes me and I know I am onboard for the next two and a half hours....


The Many Benefits Of Yoga

Yoga is a worldwide practice that helps people connect with their body and mind.  Statistic Brain reports that over 15 million Americans practice yoga regularly. Malia Bradshaw is one of them.  A certified yoga instructor, writer, and mental health advocate, she is one of the many people relying on the benefits of yoga.  When she started experiencing anxiety attacks she found that yoga not only helped her body, but also her mind. She says, “I needed a way in which I could move my body, but also calm my anxiety.  Yoga was the perfect combination of a very physically challenging practice, but also a spiritual practice.”   Yoga improves stress and anxiety by slowing down the breathing and heart rates, while also being a significant GABA booster.  Emily Deans, MD,...


You’re Important

You’re important.   You’re important to your family, to your co-workers and to your circle of friends.  The most important person who should know your importance, however,  is you. If you don’t know that you’re important, and treat yourself that way, it can create mental and emotional stress and age you prematurely. Do you treat yourself like you’re important?  I didn’t for a long time.   For what seems like forever, I put myself second.  Second to my children, to my husband, to the rest of my family’s needs.  I didn’t speak up, I deferred to them.  Not that I didn’t have an opinion and talk about it, but I never gave my opinions, my emotions, my health the same weight as I gave everyone else’s.  Here’s an example. Years...


Urgent Message About Watering From Glenwild Water Center

With the Autumnal Equinox last week, we need to switch our gardening mindset to winter preparation.  With these tips from Glenwild Garden Center about watering your new trees and shrubs, your lawn and garden should be in good shape for the coming seasons. Issue No. 163 September 16, 2016 URGENT MESSAGE ABOUT WATERING!   This is most critical for anyone who has planted any shrub, tree or perennial any time recently (This year especially)!   The soil dryness is at critical levels for established plants as well, but if you have planted anything this year, (or for a tree, the last 3 years) you need to deeply water your plants.  That means: Use a soaker hose, or put the nozzle or end of the hose on the ground next to the trunk...


Bring In New Energy For The Spring Now

The practice of planting spring-flowering bulbs is a lesson in patience.  Selecting little brown lumps to place in your garden and then patiently waiting, sometimes forgetting about them throughout the winter, until they can bloom come spring. Jodie Bross of Glenwild Garden Center in Bloomingdale, NJ says: "The idea of the bulb is so nice: patience and being kind to yourself, giving yourself that downtime. It's OK to draw in and not be out there all the time, beautiful. Bulbs are also a good lesson to slow down and let things happen at their own pace." As Jodie so eloquently states, we there is opportunity to learn from nature, and sometimes those lessons are best learned by getting your hands in the soil experiencing nature's wisdom first-hand. The good news is,...


Emotion Freedom Technique (Tapping) Can Be A RoadMap For Success

As a spiritual counselor or healer, you are continually faced with clients who will not or cannot change the patterns that are making themselves sick physically, emotionally or spiritually. I am reminded of a client who always verbally says how sick she is.  I have told her, as others have, that changing the pattern of negative speak to positive affirmations of good health would better serve her.  Saying “my” illness puts that notion of ownership into the ether that, once out there, is hard to dispel...


Connect The Dots – Old Habits & New Patterns

September has been all about change.  The change of seasons, back to school time changes, making changes in our lives and recognizing changes that need to be made.  We've had so much great content this month, its hard to choose which blog posts to highlight here. At the beginning of the month we focused on National Yoga Month with a great series of introduction snapshots to Mind Key Affiliate Thames Street Yoga, staring with a profile of the owner, Kyla Rose Maher.  Check out what Kyla had to say about her wonderful instructors.  Each "snapshot" provides bios for two of the great and varied yoga instructors at Thames Street Yoga. Gentle Instructors for a Creative Workout, Holding Space for Growth, Devotion and Energy as a Spiritual Path and Running with Instructors. We also heard from Lisa...