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What is your God Job?

Mind KEY / Career  / What is your God Job?
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You can have a career with purpose. Image by Radoan_tanvir

What is your God Job?

by Vera Remes

It’s important to find a career with purpose. We spend so much time working. While taking a writing course, I heard the phrase “God job.” The inference is that writing should be something so special, it should be termed a God job. It might have been how the words rolled off the tongue, but the phrase stuck with me. I envisioned a God job as a divine calling.  Some paths you must follow regardless of difficulty. Success wasn’t the goal, per se. Striving made it worthwhile. What is life without some struggle?  


What does it mean to have a “God Job”?

This discovery brought up how I feel about the course change I have undertaken in my life. By focusing on my God jobs and what truly mattered, I was taking the focus off of my ego and placing it on those around me. I needed the help of God to accomplish these things that had so many requirements, and I was doing them for a higher purpose than myself.

After attending religious schools for 18 years, I thought I qualified as being spiritual.  Wrong. I wouldn’t feel spiritual for many years. After teaching school for 11 years, practicing law for 31, and becoming a therapeutic riding instructor in my spare time, I turned my interests to the spiritual. I was no longer really seeking a career, let alone a career with purpose. However, in discovering my spirituality is where I found my God job and where my calling lies.


Following my heart toward spirituality

As a young adult, I flirted with the spiritual. I even looked into witchcraft and was convinced I could learn to heal. That became my aim when I learned about Reiki and became a master/teacher. This, in turn, opened me up to energy healing and shamanism. I always felt the need to help things, persons, places, animals, and I felt best when healing with my hands. There were times where I practiced on my horse when he was ill, my dogs, my cats, and I always got feedback from them.

Coincidences became divine providence.  When negative things happened, I considered it karma.  I tried to see the lessons in what happens. Now, I am happy with myself and do not ask for or expect much from people.   


What is a career with purpose?

I’m convinced you will be your happiest when you work at a career with purpose, whether you make money or not.  I am the happiest I have ever been and yet I have never made so little. The people I admire most, like my Tui Na practitioner or the people at the therapeutic riding program where I volunteer, have sliding scales for payment of their services.  In my legal practice, I charged clients $400 per hour. No sliding scales there. Making money is no longer the measure of my success or validation of my worth. I feel good about myself and what I am doing. My payment for services rendered comes in the form of thanks from people I help.  Sometimes, the right thing to do is more important than compensation. Today, I received a text from someone in pain. I performed a distance healing on her last night. Her text read, “It means so much to me that we are still friends…you are missed.” Cha ching— payment received.

Life has changed – for the better.

What’s your God job—  that one thing that calls you and keeps popping up in the strangest places.  Writing? Acting? Traveling? If providing for your family precludes abandonment of financial responsibilities, try isolating a small part of your life where you can seek a higher purpose or a personal goal.  Let me know how it works out.


Seeking your God job?

Do you wonder what makes you your happiest? Sometimes it’s not so easy as just knowing. I had been working, volunteering and playing for many years before discovering where I was at my happiest… and discovering what that place looks like is still a work in progress.

The reason that Mind Key includes ‘Career’ in its wellness goals is because, when you are doing what you love, the benefits trickle down into all areas of your life—health and happiness included. Whether you know what you love but are struggling to make a living out of it, or whether you have no idea what you love anymore, our goal is to help you find your personal keys to success.

In gratitude for this article, for a limited time, Mind Key founder, Danielle Rose, is offering Discovery Consults at a discount. These consults will help synthesize your talents, interests, skills and needs so you can focus on, or refine, your path. For the month of March, mini-consults are only $35 and a full two-session consult with write-up is only $125. That’s an average of a 30% discount.  How can we do this? Because we love our jobs. Thank you, God!

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