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Watch your wishes come true with tested techniques

Mind KEY / Energy  / Watch your wishes come true with tested techniques
“The magic of water” By Amanda Hollenback

Watch your wishes come true with tested techniques

By Vera Remes


You can make your wishes come true in plenty of different ways. Techniques to grant wishes vary from the Silva Method’s Glass Water Technique to understanding right and left brained thinking. If you’ll like to know more about the creativity of wishing, read Don’t let manifesting get in the way of wishing.


The Glass Water Technique


The Glass Water Technique, part of something known as Dream Programing, reminds me of the experiments of Dr. Masaru Emoto where he used positive words and negative words to affect the formation of ice crystals. You pick a problem, like how to figure out why your printer won’t work. Then, just before bed, drink half of a glass of water while thinking, “This is all that is required to find a solution to my problem.” Your unconscious mind can solve problems for you while you sleep.  While you are asleep, your unconscious mind will work on it.  You may already know the answer when you wake up.  Either way, drink the rest of the water while you say, “This is all that is required to find a solution to my problem,” and it will happen by the end of the day.


Here’s a video showing the technique.


The science behind it can be read in a blog, written by a woman named Miriam.  


Miriam explains “The subliminal programming [of the Glass of Water Technique] allowed my mind to unlock knowledge I didn’t realize I had read or to make new connections. Sleep is a very active time in alpha, delta and theta states when the right side of your brain takes over and creates whatever you need in your waking beta state. You will feel new power in your life knowing you can effortlessly solve your problems.”

A diagram reproduced from Miriam’s blog


Techniques to grant wishes

I have always known about left brain/right brain learning.  Being a lawyer for thirty years, I figured I was left brained. I came across Miriam’s diagram that sorts out the differences thoroughly.  After doing a 180 and being called to heal, ghost hunt and practice shamanism, I began using my right brain a lot more.  I have developed both sides, maybe equally.


I am reminded of my friend’s daughter who, upon entering kindergarten was the tallest in her class.  She couldn’t ride the age appropriate kindergarten sized tricycles or use other toys because she was so tall.  She was cruelly teased by classmates.  All at once she stopped growing in third grade (early onset of puberty) and her classmates soared passed her in size until she was the tiniest in her class.  As an adult, she remained under five feet tall and has been extremely petite since.


When she was a teenager, she told me that she felt that God wanted her to know what it felt like to be tall when she was younger because He knew she was destined to be so small.  Like her, I feel Spirit let me experience using both sides of my brain as a precious gift.  I have muddled through and feel fortunate to have had all my life experiences.


I plan to use the Glass of Water Technique at night to get my wishes granted.  Maybe I’ll find my lost car keys. Or figure out what I want to be when I grow up. Or even try to materialize that crazy idea I have, but I should be careful what I wish for.  Shel Silverstein admonishes us in the last line of his poem “Lester” about a guy that kept wishing for more wishes and until he died with his unused five billion, seven million, eighteen thousand thirty four wishes stacked up around him that “he wasted his wishes on wishing.”





To read the wisdom of Shel Silverstein and/or introduce the child in your life to his work this youtube video leads to animated versions of many of his books.  

You can visit the official site for kids here, to learn about Shel Silverstein’s books, watch exclusive animated excerpts, play games.

This site has scientific background of Silva Mind Control and various techniques.

On this website an in depth description of the Glass of water technique is explored.

Dr. Masuri Emoto experiments are described here.

Also, a list of Shel Silverstein’s poems can be found here.

Lizbeth Fabian

Hi there, I'm Liz. I'm a writer and editing intern with Mind Key. Born and raised in a big city, I grew up surrounded by many different cultures, people, and learned about different forms of art. Thanks to that, I have big dreams I'm ready to fulfill. Currently, I'm finishing up my B.A. at William Paterson University and looking for a great Graduate program to further my education.


  • Nancy Van Wyk
    October 17, 2017 at 4:13 pm

    Love this Miss Vera ! I will keep all of this in mind every night. Hopefully my studies will become effortless. Well, almost at least.

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