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Support our veterans at Visions in Black and White fundraising event

Mind KEY / Newsbreaks  / Support our veterans at Visions in Black and White fundraising event

Support our veterans at Visions in Black and White fundraising event

By Kelly Rockey

Imagine being someone who spends a good part of their life making wishes come true. For Sandy Mitchell, that life is a reality. Sandy is the founder of Project Help for veterans fundraising, an all-volunteer, 501c3 charity in New Jersey. Project Help has one mission and one mission only, to support veterans and their families in times of need.  Those needs usually revolve around lack of funds due to lack of meaningful employment, second only to lack of housing, especially when a family is involved.  


Why Project Help for veterans needs our help

Many vets are dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder [PTSD] and Traumatic Brain Injury [TBI] both usually the result of being in the military and being in combat.  Neither is curable, but with help, it is manageable for most.  Those who’ve become isolated and don’t seek regular help often turn to suicide. Sandy Mitchell has set out to change this mindset, because no veteran should ever feel suicide is the only option.

Many have lost everything, even their families, and will only ask for help when there are no other options.  That’s when Project Help steps in. Sometimes, help is as simple as a step-by-step plan. Other times they’re dealing with very complex issues that can take months to untangle.  Issues vary and vets vary, but one thing that does not vary is that veterans aren’tt getting the support they need.

Project Help’s Hardship Fund must have $25,000 on hand at all times to be able to help those vets with bills, rent, and other needs.  


Project Help for veterans fundraising: Visions in Black and White

To get the funds they need, they hold events, much like the one scheduled for November 2, 2017 At Stony Hill in Hackensack, NJ.  Visions in Black & White is an art show and auction with wonderful art done in Black and White by artists related to a military person(s) currently living or deceased.

Many exciting things are planned for this formal evening, including door prizes and celebrities, as well as the excitement of bidding on beautiful, moving, patriotic art. You will want to see it hanging in your home or office everyday to remind you of the wonderful country we live in and the respect for those who made it all possible.

Tickets are on sale at https://projecthelp.networkforgood/events/2255.  The minimum target ticket sales is 100, so please attend this event to help this nonprofit’s mission. Gourmet food and wine is included in the ticket price and cocktail attire in black and white is required. More information on the event can also be found in Mind Key’s community calendar.



Help Project Help with a business sponsorship

Project Help is still in need of sponsors for the event, as well.  As a sponsor, there are fantastic benefits such as exposure and free tickets. By sponsoring this event, not only will you be helping our veterans, but you will be helping your business, too.

Please support Project Help as they give much needed support to our veterans and their families. If you are an artist, consider donating a piece of black and white art for the upcoming fundraiser. Contact If you are a business, as sponsoring this worthy charity would make all the difference in the lives of  these men and women who served our country. If you are an individual who just wants to help, consider attending the Visions in Black & White fundraiser on November 2, 2017.

Help Sandy Mitchell and Project Help make our veterans wishes come true.


Mind Key Community


  • Chris
    October 6, 2017 at 11:28 am

    Great article and Great cause.
    Keep up the Great work.
    Thank a Vet today !

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