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Reflections of 2016 – The Mind Key Community

Mind KEY / Health  / Reflections of 2016 – The Mind Key Community

Reflections of 2016 – The Mind Key Community

Photo of the Rhode Island sunset courtesy of Carlie Currier

Photo of the Rhode Island sunset courtesy of Carlie Currier

The Mind Key Project has been blessed to receive so much light and energy from our community of members, readers and practitioners this year as we built a platform for health, wellness and happiness that may just change the world.

What a ride 2016 has been!  If your journey has been anything like ours (and I know most of yours have been), it’s been a year of struggle, strife, and incredible growth.  Rest assured, even if you don’t see the personal growth you’ve undergone, it’s there!

Members of our community have shared their reflections of the past year, and their vision of growth.  We hope that, based on our posts on the importance of reflection, their stories will inspire you to review this past year with an eye for how to grab your goals in 2017.

Charla Dury

Editor and COO of The Mind Key Project –  Charla

2016 has been a whirlwind of activity for me.  As our youngest son enters high school, I have taken on too much and am working to mitigate my time. Although every task with which I’ve shared my time (family, work, Mind Key and the Marching Band) has been more than worthy, I’ve lost sight of taking care of me in the frenzy.  Here’s to a more balanced 2017!


Danielle Rose

Founder, Mind Key

2016 has been a year of changes for me, and for my business!  I moved to a new state, moved my children with me, and revamped The Mind Key Project… yet again.  I’ve met dozens of new supporters along the way, which has been encouraging, because getting Mind Key launched off the ground has been a slow and discouraging process.  I’m thrilled by the support I’ve received from those who believe in what we do, and I plan on holding onto this encouragement as I finally make Mind Key the resource and inspiration it was always meant to be in 2017. Stay tuned.


Kerstin Zettmar

Visual and Healing Arts

Looking back at 2016 it has been a year of the unexpected.  The personal “surprises” has ranged from getting my legally parked car totaled, to looking out an airplane window and for the first time ever seeing the aurora borealis dance across the sky. Both instances brought tears to my eyes.  Seeing my artwork appreciated and bought  this summer and autumn filled my heart. I have also made new friends and  been fortunate to deepen some old friendships.

I have had the privilege to work with people who have connected more deeply with themselves via Rosen  Body/Soul work. Other clients have  regained their physical vitality in my yoga classes or experienced  their past lives via hypnosis. I am always amazed at how each individual is a Universe in him or herself, while at the same time connected to everything and everyone. My faith in our connectedness has gotten even stronger this year. We are all in this together. – Kerstin Zettmar


Bonnie Luther

Bonnie Lee’s Creations

2016 has been a very eventful year for me and my business. I had the opportunities to complete my Reiki Master/Teacher training and my Certified Zentangle Teacher training. This led to a need for a place where I can share with others what I’ve learned. I’ve only been renting a place to house Bonnie Lee’s Holistic Center since October, and have to keep reminding myself that it’s going to take time for people to find me. And though I’m finding it difficult to find the time while continuing to work my full-time day job, I’m doing all I can think of to get the word out. I’m looking forward to 2017 and all of the people finding me so I can share what I have to offer.

Hope to see you soon! (come find me )



Wendy Watson-Hallowell

The Belief Coach

The big Aha for me this year was that I used to be numb to the fact that others told me to feel or think differently than I do. It was so subtle, and I was so used to it, that I rarely noticed what was happening. I just knew that somehow I felt bad, or less than. I’ve been doing lots of inner work this year in uncovering and releasing old beliefs and the unprocessed feelings attached to those beliefs, and it’s allowed me to start to feel again in places where I was numb.

Once I got my sensitivity back, and I noticed people doing this with me, at first I was angry– “Hey! How dare you tell me how to feel or what to think?” Then I realized, we are all walking around doing this to each other all the time as a way to deflect, avoid, or hold back our own authentic expression.

Now I see it as an opportunity for me to ask for what I want, say no to what I don’t want and remember what is really happening when someone wants me to experience something differently than I do. Now that I know it’s not about me, I can do that. Whew! Happy 2017!


Carlie Currier

Writer and Assistant Editor for The Mind Key Project

2016 has been a year of transitions for me. Let’s call it a crash course in adulting. I’ve experienced multiple new jobs; a new relationship and a new home. I also made the decision to leave graduate school after my first year to discover and pursue my true purpose. The main lessons I learned this year are to follow your intuition and never fear judgments from others. Even your own judgments effect us.  All of these changes have pushed me to grow. From taking control of my emotions, to becoming aware and abandoning old habits that no longer serve. 2016 was also the first year I became serious about my spiritual path. I think this not only helped me stay strong through challenges, but also aligned me to decisions that have forever altered my life.

Mind Key Community

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