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Changing your relationship with the world: The Power of Positivity

Mind KEY / Energy  / Changing your relationship with the world: The Power of Positivity
positivity is all attitude
“It isn't what you have or who you are or where you are or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about it.” - Dale Carnegie, American writer on self-improvement.

Changing your relationship with the world: The Power of Positivity

by Paola Scaduto, Mind Key intern and Fall 2016 graduate of William Paterson University, N.J.

Are you happy? Do you have good energy around you and do positive situations occur for you? Are you depressed? Do you feel like your negative feelings might result in negative situations? Positivity is important for not only us, but for those around us.

Self-help gurus talk about manifestation

In his book, “The Light in the Heart,” Roy T. Bennett writes, “The more you feed your mind with positive thoughts, the more you can attract great things in your life.”

Barbara Frederickson writes in her landmark paper that negative emotions are when extreme, prolonged or contextually inappropriate behaviors, “produce many grave problems for individuals and society, ranging from phobias and anxiety disorders, aggression and violence, depression and suicide, eating disorders and sexual dysfunction, to a host of stress-related physical disorders.”  

Positive emotions, on the other hand, “(i) Broaden people’s attention and thinking; (ii) undo lingering negative emotional arousal; (iii) fuel psychological resilience; (iv) build consequential personal resources; (v) trigger upward spirals towards greater well-being in the future; and (vi) seed human flourishing “

Fredrickson believes one must train his/her mind to see the good and positivity in everything they say and do.  In her book, Positivity, she informs readers how positivity can transform lives.

Author, teacher, healer, speaker and founder of Hay House Publishing, Louise Hay, believes that one should use daily affirmations every day to feel good about themselves. She suggests that regularly using affirmations, such as “I look good today,” “I am going to pass my test,” “I can do it!”  is healthy for our minds.  Believing in yourself is so important. You should always be your number one fan.  

How positivity can affect your physical body

The mind can heal the body.  Doctor, author, philosopher, spiritual teacher, and public spokesman, Dr. David Hamilton, speaks on how expecting positive outcomes and being hopeful can boost a person’s immune system, protect against harmful behaviors, prevent chronic disease, and help people cope following troubling news. Optimism can even predict a longer life. Optimism may be one of the most important predictors of physical health.

“People with a more positive attitude generally get less irritated and stressed with the challenges of life,” Hamilton writes. “Due to the impact of stress on the cardiovascular and immune systems, learning to cultivate a sense of optimism can add years to a person’s life.”

Once positive changes begin happening, one will want to continue trying to affiliate positivity in day-to-day life. Begin with a positive environment. Wake up every day feeling blessed and thankful to see another day. Encourage yourself to have a good day, that you can overcome obstacle that comes your way, and that you won’t allow anyone or anything to affect your emotions. Understand that you control your mind, and your mind controls your body. Choose your thoughts, people, and decisions wisely.

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Be Positive. Either notice the sunshine or make your own

“Seek joy, play often, and pursue adventure your brain will do the rest.”   ~James Clear

Tips for cultivating positivity

Find a job you will wake up and look forward to going to.

Go to the gym and get that workout in because you love doing it.

Go out for a drink, because that is what you need.

Do and be around the things you love.

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“With Positivity you’ll learn to see new possibilities, bounce back from setbacks connect with others and become the best version of yourself” –Barbara L. Fredrickson.


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