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Are You All Out of Whack? (Mind Key has your back)

Mind KEY / Career  / Are You All Out of Whack? (Mind Key has your back)

Are You All Out of Whack? (Mind Key has your back)

By Charla Dury


 Is your body out of whack?  Are you emotionally out of whack? Don’t you wish you could just manifest some whack?


Wish you knew where they sold some whack so you could replenish your stores? (You can try using your Amazon Prime membership to have some whack shipped overnight, but they don’t sell it! Go figure!) Well, guess what? Mind Key’s got your back.


Mind Key’s mission is to be your comprehensive resource for all things wellness… That means being healthy, but it also means being happy in each moment (it’s not easy… but it’s totally possible… which is why we’re here to help.) The first step on the journey to wellness is to fix that which is out of whack…


… and we’ve got a boatload of whack just for you!  


What exactly is whack?


Being out of whack often means something is missing—nutritionally, emotionally, mentally or even spiritually/energetically.  We like to think of “whack” as anything that helps bring balance to those areas that are feeling… well… out of whack. Mind Key is building a resource of information and education and a listing of practitioners, as well as global and local events, and a store chock-full of products and services to help get your body, psyche, business or mojo back in whack.


Starting in August, we’ll be selling packages of “whack” — ie: deep discounts on our monthly package geared specifically toward getting you back-in-whack. Until then, hold tight, and visit our website and online magazine for more information on how you, too, can get some whack back.



Get more whack faster


As we are in the process of getting ourselves back in whack, we need your help. For every unit of whack you buy, you get points that will get you free stuff… yes free!  But more importantly, you’ll be helping Mind Key manifest our dream of helping others feel their best, do their best, and achieve their dreams in each moment.


Each unit of **whack is $1.00.  I’ve got to have eleven bazillion of these things lying around. For each unit of whack you purchase, you will not only clear space for my family, and get free stuff to get yourself back in whack, but you’ll help people across the globe come closer to the whack-balance which we crave.


Your donation of $1.00 per unit of whack won’t save starving puppies and kitties in shelters.  It won’t be “for the price of less than one cup of coffee a day you can support this third-world child.”  It  will be used to fill our whack buckets so that we can keep doing more to help you do more in each moment.


Mind Key: Your worldwide whack provider


While we complain about it cluttering my house, having an abundance of whack feels pretty good.  I mean, there isn’t a saying for the abundance of whack we’ve got.  “I’ve got too much whack!” said no one. Ever.  No no no!  Mind Key needs balance, too!  Ignore the (wo)man behind the curtain. Help us manifest your dreams, aspirations, and many blessings. Donate today!


We just want to be your worldwide whack provider.  Mind Key, The Daily Key (our magazine), and our community of healing professionals is your place to get back in whack. All for you!


**Whack is not an actual product. If you donate to Mind Key’s whack fund, you will get whack points that can be applied toward future purchases, or redemption of free stuff, but you otherwise won’t get anything but a heartfelt thank you and the knowledge that youre helping us be the best us so that we can support you being the best you.



            Donate Here

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