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Mind Key Etsy store NOW OPEN!!

Mind KEY / Creativity  / Mind Key Etsy store NOW OPEN!!

Mind Key Etsy store NOW OPEN!!

It’s with much excitement that I’m proud to announce the newest addition to Mind Key. We now have our own Etsy store!

Mind Key Etsy was created to offer our artists the ability to showcase and sell their work. Also, it provides our community and readers (you!) handmade, quality crafted products made with the intention to inspire, sustain, and encourage you to be your happiest, healthiest self.

Our store offers a variety of different items guaranteed to raise your vibration. First, it offers several collage-inspired pendants with some inspirational words and phrases.

For example, here is the “Let Go collage pendant”.

This one of a kind, handmade item is priced at complete with an intricate flower, butterfly, and old postcard design ($20.00)
If you’re interested in this style, be sure to check out the other collage pendants available.

Some other jewelry pieces were created by Key West artist, Ariella Hogen. With roots in silversmithing, Ariella has created art for a living since 1980 and has been a resident of the Key West art community since 1989. Each of her pieces is handmade and unique. She specializes in raku pottery, a lead-glazed Japanese earthenware that was traditionally used for tea ceremonies.  

This “Blue Geometric Raku Necklace” is the perfect piece of jewelry for anyone hoping to not only add an exquisite accessory to their wardrobe, but also to raise their frequency through the power of sacred geometry. ($26.00)

Another piece, “Hamsa Pendant Necklace”, includes an ancient Middle Eastern amulet which symbolizes the “Hand of God”, a protective sign for all religions. This necklace is meant to provide its owner with happiness, luck, health, and good fortune.

The “White Raku Necklace” is encrusted with quartz crystals, the “Master Healer” stone. Quartz serve as all purpose healing tools that can enhance one’s energy in several different ways. Not to mention they look absolutely beautiful contrasted with the raku. ($32.00)

The store also includes some of Ariella’s other types of pottery, such as this “Small Pottery Dish”, a lovely, functional decoration for any home.

Looking for something a little whimsical? Check out our fairy wings handcrafted by Mind Key’s very own, Danielle Rose. Made from gossamer, fabric, and metal, these pieces can be a costume for any child or adult looking to tap into their magical side.

Silvery Fairy Wings” ($40.00)


Ruffled Fairy Wings” ($40.00)



With the upcoming holidays, why not consider buying a loved one a special gift made with a high intention vibration? Or you can treat yourself to a product that will help you be more connected to yourself, others, and the world around you?

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