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More than just memories: A holiday memory book can heal

Mind KEY / Creativity  / More than just memories: A holiday memory book can heal
journaling to create a holiday memory book
creating a holiday memory book can be a creative and therapeutic experience Image courtesy of Josephine Belliveau

More than just memories: A holiday memory book can heal

by student writer, Josephine Belliveau

Creating a holiday memory book can be a great way to commemorate the treasured moments we experience over the holiday season. Most people make scrapbooks that are decorated pages with pictures. However, sometimes pictures don’t do the valuable memories we never want to forget justice. A holiday memory book combines scrapbooking and journaling to bring peace and calm to your holiday traditions. By adding the aspects of daily journaling, you’re turning a scrapbook into a memory book that’s unique to add to your family history. Bringing the holidays alive with stories and anecdotes. You’re recounting these memories with not only pictures but with words. 

Creating a holiday memory book tradition

Every family has their own traditions and ways to celebrate the holidays, some that have been passed down for generations. Making a list of the different traditions your family has and including it into your memory book can be a great way to get excited about the holidays. Write down your favorite thing about a tradition, how it started, and why it’s important to you. Paste pictures of your favorite decorations, and write down family recipes. 

Journaling for peace and calm

Working on creating a holiday memory book while outside can provide a more therapeutic experience. Allow yourself to be in a peaceful environment everytime you add to the book. Light a candle, turn on some music, make your book a safe space. Remember that it might be more enjoyable to do with other people. Arranging a scrapbooking party with family and friends not only gives you more motivation to work on the project, but it’s more meaningful to do it with the people you love.

You can write about more than just gatherings and events, there are a lot more things that a time can be remembered by. Write about random acts of kindness, the things you’ve learned to be grateful for, and the lessons you’ve been taught by life at the time. When you find that time is moving a little too fast and it’s difficult to catch up with yourself, take a walk and write about what you find. Press the flowers or plants that you find and use them as decoration in your memory book. The First Day of Home blog provides a tutorial on four different methods to press flowers. Capture the small moments that bring you happiness.

Making it it your own

Depending on the date or event of the entry you’re making, you can theme the pages to match. Utilize craft supplies to create something unique. Consider using stickers, buttons, scrapbook paper, ribbon, or stencils. You can also incorporate things you find in nature, such as glueing autumn leaves to the pages. Write about what the season means to you and your favorite ways to enjoy it. It could be anything from going back to school, an anniversary, or playing in the snow.

use journaling to create a holiday memory book

Other ideas for your memory book:

  • Paste pictures of your favorite decorations.
  • Create a collection of family recipes.
  • Use scrapbook paper themed for that holiday.
  • If you are celebrating a holiday that has songs connected to it, ask everyone in your family their favorite and write down a playlist. 

More than just a memory: A healing experience

Creating a memory book can be a form of healing and self reflection. Around the holidays we spend time with family, but it’s hard to remember the ones who aren’t with us to celebrate. Creating a memory book can be a great comfort and a way to commemorate a lost loved one and keep their memories alive. The Journey Through Grief blog, which helps those navigate the delicate matter of grief, describes how creating a memory book can help you heal from loss.

If you’re a perfectionist, be sure not to put too much pressure on yourself to make your memory book look perfect. The holidays are a stressful time for some, so having the hobby of scrapbooking is an opportunity to relax and enjoy the season.

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  • Christine L McCullough
    November 19, 2021 at 9:50 am

    Josephine has turned out to be one of our most creative writers. Keep up the creativity and ideas! Just goes to show you that one is never to young or too old to hold wisdom in their hearts.

  • Ally Burkett
    November 19, 2021 at 9:52 am

    So beautifully put, thank you for all the tips!

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