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Getting outdoors: Your March Checklist

Mind KEY / Health  / Getting outdoors: Your March Checklist

Getting outdoors: Your March Checklist

by Allelia Cesa, a Fall 2016 graduate of William Paterson University, NJ

If embraced, March can be a time of a great renewal of one’s mind, spirit and soul. In nature, everything that had died or turned off in the winter starts to come back. Babies are born, flowers reappear, and everything returns to life. You, too, can join the flowers and come back to life by getting outdoors.

The Mind Key Community offers their perspective on being outside, and why they find solace in the great outdoors.


The outdoors as a source of creative and spiritual renewal


renewal collection by Amy Cousin Jewelry

Gardening allows Amy to see other possibilities in her designs

Despite being an artist inspired by nature, Amy Cousin of Amy Cousin Jewelry said renewal is an important element of self-care. Ever since she was a child, she had some sort of family garden that was motivation for getting outdoors. However, not planting this year led her to recognize how important that deliberate time spent outdoors was.

As an artist, Amy said, “It feels like getting out in fresh air and sun helps me generate ideas—I’m thinking about the seeds we’re putting into the soil, and I’m aware of using my body in ways that are different than I do when I’m in my studio creating jewelry. Gardening also allows me to see other possibilities in my designs—other color schemes, other ways to use light.”

Amy’s spring-inspired earring collection showcases spring-green orbs of prehnite with hand carved natural howlite leaves, and richly banded Malachite accents. They are available in either copper or silver-plated copper.


Furthermore, Kerstin Zettmar, artist, massage therapist, and holistic healer finds that getting outdoors to be creative allowed her a better sense of connection to self and spirit, offering unlimited opportunities for self-insight and growth.

“Once, I went out and did a lot of pencil drawings of daffodils, and I could see  that each flower had a distinct look, or personality,” Kerstin said. “It made me wonder how often I rushed by things and people without really seeing them.”


In counterpoint, Charla Dury shares her equally pertinent yang perspective on the importance of renewal by getting outdoors:

“As a society, we spend so much time looking at a screen; a computer screen, a phone screen, a TV screen.  When we go outdoors, we literally broaden our horizons.  We breathe air that hasn’t been passed through a system of some sort, we look at far away things, allowing our eyes to adjust back to nature, and we force our bodies to acclimate to the planet.  Getting outside always does wonders for my brain power, focus and energy levels.”


Why the Mind Key Community gets outdoors

Since getting outdoors is so universal, yet at the same time, so individual, we’re sharing the reasons our community loves to get outside.

getting outdoors takes many forms

photo by Carlie Currier

I sleep better at night when I’ve spent time outdoors. Walking or sitting in nature can bring you back to reality about what really matters in life, clean air and water, and fresh food. Also gives you time away from the business of life and let’s you reconnect with your own thoughts and feelings. — Patti Lehman

There’s nothing like a day of fresh air to work up a good appetite and get a great night’s sleep. — Monica Rynowiecki

To disconnect with technology and reconnect with nature — Betsy Kershaw Arnold

Exploring new areas gives a sense of wonder and adventure which inspires me creatively —Kaysin Enorai

As an adult I relish in the moments I can slow down, listen to the outside world and show my kids what it was like living in an area where cars didn’t often pass by and we yelled up the street to find each other. Not only is it healthier to get fresh air and some sunlight but it’s nostalgic in a way for me. —Kristy Piere

I love the sounds of spring… the birds and the bees… kids laughing… and the smell of it too. —Natasha Monaco

For me, it’s important to get outdoors because that’s a big part of how I recharge my batteries! I love being out in nature, and seeing the beauty of her details—both big and small—no matter the season. —Kim Raimann Harnett

I find it so important to get outdoors to reconnect with myself.  Just to appreciate the beauty of nature in peaceful silence is magical. —Kim Schillaci

I go outdoors to… get infused understanding.  It filters the junk out, teaches, cleanses, returns me to innocence, and makes me a warrior. —Brenda Warner Stevens

Spring in Florida is beautiful…the trees bloom in pastels..the days are longer ..the birds are roosting..the snowbirds fly home… —JoAnna Schillaci

Just to breathe the fresh air, and feel the sun on my face. —Felice Sedore

So I don’t go crazy! —Celine Jazmin Martinez

Mother Earth and all her glorious creatures are my best friends. The ever-changing seasons she shares with us are magnificent in their own right. Spending time in the home she so graciously provides for us is what keeps me grounded and forever grateful.

Like a child, it does not take much to motivate me to head outdoors for a play date with my friends. —Christine Regan


More reasons for getting outdoors

Additionally, Allelia offers the following benefits for getting outdoors, courtesy of Business Insider

  1. Improves short term memory,
  2. Restored mental energy,
  3. Stress relief,
  4. Reduced Inflammation,
  5. Better vision,
  6. Improved concentration,
  7. Sharper thinking and creativity,
  8. Possible anti-cancer effects,
  9. Immune system boost,
  10. Improved mental health, and
  11. Reduced risk of early death.

For tips for getting motivated to get out, CONTINUE READING HERE…

Danielle Rose
Founder, Mind Key

I help people follow their dreams! As the founder, CEO and Editor-in-Chief at Mind Key, Danielle has the skills and abilities to help you grow in your chosen career, or to launch the business of your dreams to the next level.


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