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The Belcastel art of Grace Ng Dung

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The Belcastel art of Grace Ng Dung

A week of Magical Encounters

Grace Ng Dung with her sketchbook, Brian Froud looks on

As an artist, Grace Ng Dung’s intention is to take on the role of storyteller.  Faerie artist, Brian Froud was an inspiration not only to her art, but on her path of spirituality and self-discovery.  The thought of meeting and learning with him and Wendy Froud in Belcastel, France, was a dream come true.

“It was completely surreal when I got there,” she said.   “I knew it would be magical to some degree, but I had no idea what it would be like.  It was like living in a fantasy, but [unlike most fantasies] nothing shattered.”
Her time with the Frouds brought her experiences and beliefs in faerie full circle, opening the door to new adventures.
 “It was more magical than I expected, and I had this feeling that I was always meant to be there.  I actually expected myself to cry more, but I didn’t cry because it felt so natural.”
By mid-week Grace had begun to feel the older, darker (but not necessarily bad) energy of the castle and how it melded with the contemporary inhabitants and visitors of Belcastel.  
“Belcastel means beautiful castle, but also warrior fortress,” she said.   “I got that feeling that there were people there and a lot of them died and fought.  The mixing of energies was intense.”
Grace’s guide as discovered through meditation and art
Perhaps one of the most poignant art/life lessons Grace learned from Brian was that art, especially works that touch upon the world of faerie, may never look as expected or intended, but that they should FEEL right.  She discovered this most significantly when drawing her guide from meditation – it didn’t look like she expected, but nonetheless, there he was, completely recognizable.
“Going with how you feel when drawing changed my creative process and helped me take down blocks and doors,” Grace said.  “Aim for the feeling because that will be more authentic than the thought.”
The trip and this class changed Grace’s relationship with not only her art but her attitude and outlook on life.
sketch of dragon that Grace later sculpted
in Wendy’s class

“That experience guides me now, so when I get stagnant, going with the feeling of something helps me create a lot.   I can do things without thinking and just trust and I will do it and it will always turn out to my benefit… all the conversations in class will sometimes come back to me now and I will remember little snippits of wisdom whether facing an obstacle or if I just need a reminder that it’s there.”

Creation and art is Grace’s calling, and so the total experience was one of spirituality as well as art.
“Some friends make art just for the sake of the art, but it doesn’t always have meaning.  Right now I want it to be meaningful and I want to connect to and open other people’s hearts with my art.  That’s my mission, spiritual connection.  What art used to be – it gave people a direct connection to something higher.  It affected their emotions and that’s what I want to do.”

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