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The Subtleties of Listening

Listening is quite an art form when practiced properly. By "properly", I mean in such a way where one hears all of what is being expressed, between the lines of what is directly communicated and what is not. While in my office with those I care for, listening becomes a wonderful dance of both active and passive participation. I listen to what is being said, as well as to what is not said, what is being communicated through the quieter aspects of facial expression and diagnosis, tone of voice and choice of words, posture and body language. I listen to my intuition as well, because sometimes I clearly understand that there is more to know than what is being said. When this understanding occurs, it's time...

Divination as a modality of healing and growth

Divination is becoming more and more a tool for self development, healing and growth.  Most often it comes in the gentle form of intuition that health care practitioners use to guide them in their decisions. This is especially true of certain alternative healing modalities, but it holds water even in standard medical practices.  Think of the analytical character, House M.D., who relies as heavily on traditional medicine as he does his gut.  We use our gut when we need to make decisions with no right answer, with pro and con lists that are evenly balanced, or when we simply know something “isn’t right.”    Our intuition leads us to chose our profession, our partners, our homes.  We convince ourselves that we’ve made these choices because...