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Book Signing for Alice’s Adventures In #Wonderland

The esteemed Bats Langley will be signing copies of his latest release Alice's Adventures In #Wonderland at the sophisticated AFA gallery. This is perfect for any Alice in Wonderland fan to see their favorite story reimagined in the digital era, Alice will face a new adventure that will captivate and entice you. His art has been shown in galleries in New York City, Los Angeles, Boston, Hartford, Providence, Hangzhou China, and at The New Britain Museum of American Art and the United States Capitol building. Mr. Langley's art was recently included in the 35th-anniversary show at the AFA gallery. He is critically acclaimed for his artistic talents and continues to blow us all away with his work. The book signing will include refreshments for all patrons...

Professionals can help you find a sustainable job by pursuing your passion

How to earn money pursuing your passion

By Tamara Rokicki The traditional nine-to-five job is no longer the only way to earn money.  We live in a time when traditional living is becoming less applicable. Today, having a sustainable job means making a living doing what you love.  People everywhere are discovering that living a full and satisfying life includes doing things that make them happy—hobbies and passions that make them feel alive and well rounded. Many bloggers, Etsy shop owners, and YouTubers own their passions by creating their own little business empire. The Mind Key Project was founded on the belief that everyone is not only entitled to financial freedom through the pursuit of his or her dreams. We also believe that by denying our talents, passions and dreams, we sell ourselves short...

Overcoming vulnerability through art and finding your happiness

Creativity: The Art of Happy

By Amanda Hollenbeck Vulnerability is not a feeling people tend to view positively. Typically, vulnerability is related to the pain after a heartbreak, the tears after a death, or to the shame after a failure. Overcoming vulnerability tends to become a focus on the end result, rather than the journey. However, it’s impossible to find happiness without being vulnerable enough to take chances to create that happiness.   The consequences of numbing vulnerability In her 2012 TEDx talk in Houston, Brene Brown, a research professor at the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work, states that people attempt to numb vulnerability because it has been largely tied to this idea of pain, of being in debt, of having obesity, of being addicted, or of being heavily medicated. Completely omitting...


Tips on finding time to be creative from Marie

In our hectic world, it can be difficult to find creative time. Many artists and other creatives have explained that their ideas come to them suddenly, often fueled by strong emotion or intuition. Wendy Watson-Hallowell, the Belief Coach, explains, “When I become inspired, I work hard to clear time in my immediate schedule to write since I know that the urge dissipates when I don't follow it. Sometimes the creative push becomes so strong that I just have to stop and create, or it gets really uncomfortable. When I am not in that creative flow, sitting down to just 'create' because I said I would, isn't very helpful. I find the lack of structure brings out the best in what I have to offer.” So how...

Elisabeth Ladwig on Science, Nature and Magic

Elisabeth Ladwig works in the medium of conceptual photography, or a photographic artist. Her artwork, often mistaken for paintings, are created from original photographs. Elisabeth began [caption id="attachment_4959" align="alignright" width="200"] When Life Hands you Lemons[/caption] as a graphic designer then later merged her career with her interest in collage art. The subject matter is a manifestation of her interpretations of the world through both observation and study. “Since childhood, I have pretty much synonymized science, nature, and magic,” Elisabeth said. “But what I noticed early on is that, out in society, all the mystery seems to get stripped away once we've found a hard algorithm for something. This always made me sad. I want to view the world with fascination and wonder, so my hope is that my art...