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July Astrological report: The slow burn of a summer month

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Welcome the joyfully healing July days and experience the richness of summer’s power.
Let the healing, slow, lazy days of July bring you full circle and make you whole. Image by JoAnna Schillaci

July Astrological report: The slow burn of a summer month

By Seshat Clairvoyant


This is a month of intense energy shifts, but it is also a time of lazy summer days, so get set for a joyfully healing July.


Retrogrades abound in the joyfully healing July sun

Last month we had two more planets go into retrograde, and this month Mercury joins in on the fun. The good news is that at least Jupiter will be stationing direct this month since going into retrograde back in March. Jupiter will finally finish its deep introspection in Pluto on July 10. Visiting Pluto was a very reflective mode of deep soul healing. The shift in energy will be felt, as with it will come some shocking news. Past traumas will be healed, past wounds will be sealed,and optimism will shine through.


New moon in cancer

On July 13, we have our new moon in Cancer. This will bring issues of security, home, love, jealousy and psychic visions to the surface. This new moon is very fortunate. Things will change unexpectedly but in a good way. Expect good news and many blessings of love, money, security, and perhaps either a new home or a fixing up of your existing home. Surprise visits and phone calls from your past will be a blessing like you never imagined. This is the moon to envision all you want in these areas in your life, but also to be open to very unexpected and delightful changes. Silver and white candles will help with the energy of this new moon in Cancer.


Mercury goes retrograde—focus on humility and loyalty

On July 26, Mercury goes retrograde in the sign of Leo until August 19 when it will station directly in the same sign. We are being reminded to focus on our desires, wants, family, siblings, outside appearances and how we truly feel about ourselves. These next coming weeks will highlight these areas in our lives, bringing the end of things and relationships with people who no longer serve us. By the same token, it will bring us those who will be a part of our lives for a very long time. Loyalty comes into play during this retrograde, and talks of commitment will be a real thing for some. Take it easy during this time, and don’t overexert yourself just because you think you can handle it all. Learn to delegate and have others own up to their responsibilities as well. Be humble during this time, for the reward will be worth it when it comes.


Full moon, full eclipse

The following day, on July 27, we have our second total lunar eclipse in the sign of Aquarius. This will be a very surprising moon, indeed. If you thought the month started with surprises, it’s nothing compared to the surprise you will receive with this moon. Aquarius is all about radical changes, being a humanitarian and intellectualizing emotions, yet this moon isn’t really about reason versus feelings. Instead, it’s about coming face-to-face with who, what and why you feel the way you do. The surprises won’t be bad at all, just the necessary change you need to get further in your journey.

Aquarius is a very independent sign, but this month isn’t about being independent or codependent, but about being interdependent. Electric blue, blue or red candles will be great for this blood moon.

Teamwork is a focus for the month. An unexpected surprise will bring huge blessings. Second and third chances will be given. Love will conquer this month, and it will come unexpectedly. Visions that will seem real will come to pass in waking hours. Daydreams will manifest at a rapid rate. Life as you know it will change overnight, so count your blessings and be thankful for all the good coming your way this month.



Seshat Clairvoyant

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