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Who do I listen to in here?

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The choice you choose takes charge of your ego. Image by Sean David Wright

Who do I listen to in here?

In this article, Wendy Watson-Hallowell, The Belief Coach, explores how our inner voices can often offer conflicting views. Our inner voices being what drives us toward action and growth. Indecision and goals become intertwined in a quagmire of stuck-ness when our inner compass is out-of-whack in this way. This is often compounded by the very human desire to find answers outside of the self.

However, our intuition, inner child and ego have all the answers we need. Bringing these very different, yet ultimately self-serving voices into alignment can help us better understand our path. This can also show us to achieve our wellness and success goals.


By Wendy Watson-Hallowell


We each have a variety of voices inside our minds that take different positions and drive us toward action. Often, they are saying different things and pointing us in opposing directions creating confusion and frustration. One way to create the peaceful and buoyant inner experience we seek is to bring those multiple inner-voices into alignment.  

The first voice to become aware of and invite to play a larger role in our life is our intuition—the one connected to the field of consciousness (presence, spirit, god, goddess, quantum field, source, everything, etc.). This voice inside is often referred to as our higher self. The last aspect of ourselves that we need to come into right relationship with is the ego.

Our ego is always scanning and monitoring, vigilantly focused on regrets from the past and assessing problems in the future to protect that inner child from pain. The ego is the loudest voice for most of us. It is the one that we give most of our attention, as we believe it tells us the “truth.”

The ego has formed many limiting beliefs that have us think the pain we experienced as a child was something we deserved so we didn’t have to question our caregivers or see them as incapable. These limiting beliefs can have us see ourselves very differently than our higher-self sees us—and that is the source of much of our misalignment and suffering. While we think the ego is telling us the truth, it’s guidance is based on lies that were meant to protect us from pain when we were very young. As adults, these lies are no longer useful, yet we still believe them. We can identify the ego’s voice because it is always trying to… CONTINUE READING…

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