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Healing drum circle by Raven Reiki

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Healing drum circle by Raven Reiki

Vera Ann Remes and Reiki Ruth Amarante of Raven Reiki will be sharing their light at Trinity Summer Fest this weekend by providing healing sessions, meditations, divination with natural objects, and a drum circle on Saturday evening, August 16th
Reiki Master/Teacher and Drum Circle Facilitator, Vera Remes, has added the nuances of shamanic journeying, music, drumming, crystals and psychic intuition to the Usui Reiki she was taught, creating a modality of healing she has dubbed “Raven Reiki.”
Vera taught special needs students for over a decade before practicing law for 31 years.  In her spare time she rode horses for a local sheriff’s department and after retiring she became a registered therapeutic riding instructor.
“When I started expanding my horizons to include a pursuit of psychic development, Reiki and shamanic studies, my life really came alive,” Vera said. “I now wake up each morning glad to be alive and with a desire to help people with their physical, spiritual and emotional health issues.”
Vera began developing her psychic abilities under the guidance of Jacqui Geary.  She joined ECRIPT, a paranormal research group and continues to use her investigative skills to help people.  Intrigued by shamanism Vera took an introductory course with Michael Harner.  During this journey she came across the term “drum circle facilitator” and now acts in this capacity to help others experience the drum circle, journey to the upper and lower worlds and discover their “teacher” and “power animal.”
She was introduced to Reiki by Ruth Amarante who served with her at the local sheriff’s department, and who works with Raven Reiki on many levels.
“Over time I’ve incorporated everything I’ve learned for a healing modality that’s unique to me, and not easy to name or describe. I call it Raven Reiki after my Shamanic Guide. It is not Shamanic Reiki as I have heard some people refer to the combination of methods – It is Raven Reiki, a client driven method that primarily uses positive imaging to change spiritually, physically and emotionally.”
Raven Reiki is honored to have Reiki Ruth offer her own special form of Reiki at Summer Fest on Saturday from 11 to 7. 

Ruth Amarante, Reiki Master/Teacher

       After years of studying and practicing Reiki for personal use, Ruth made the commitment to becoming a Reiki Master in 2012. Since completing her Third Degree in the Usui System of Natural Healing, Ruth has clients and students in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Hawaii. 
       Expanding on her life-long interest in crystals, Ruth has a wide variety of healing stones that may be used during sessions as needed.
       Creating a truly unique healing experience, Ruth may also combine Reiki with the Raindrop Technique of applying essential oils. Always striving for the highest and best good, each client receives an individualized healing using all of Ruth’s skills, knowledge, intuition and connection with Spirit.

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