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A Guide to Chakras and Vibrational Energy

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A Guide to Chakras and Vibrational Energy

By Barbara Steingas

There is a line from a 1960s song by Crosby, Stills & Nash that says, “We are stardust.” That is basically true because everything in the universe is made up of the same matter, but at a different vibrational energy level. We are an electrical circuit, similar to the power grid that lights up our homes. Just as that system has transformers (its main energy hubs), we also have energy hubs called chakras. In the ancient language of Sanskrit, the word Chakra means spinning wheels of energy. In other words, our energy centers, are chakra vibrational energy.

Understanding the chakra system

Initially, I discovered the chakra system in yoga class. Having been healed from an incurable disease, the concept of the chakras intrigued me. We have seven basic Chakras within our physical bodies–each one contains different physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects and are associated with a specific color, according to energy healer, Nancy Hausauer. Simona Sebastian’s educational and inspirational blog, Chakra Anatomy, states that colors, as everything else, have different vibrational frequencies and wavelengths. The lower three chakras vibrate at slower frequencies compared to the four upper ones. Also, blockages in our chakras can cause dis-ease in our emotions and thoughts and can encourage physical diseases to manifest.

To learn more, I took a chakra class taught by a doctor from India. She demonstrated how to balance people’s chakras using a crystal chakra set. She showed us how each chakra spins alternately in opposite directions, rather than all of them rotating in the same direction. Women start clockwise at the first chakra, while men begin clockwise.

I bought a crystal chakra pendulum set and began learning the art of chakra balancing. It turned out that the pendulums visibly demonstrated how the chakras do indeed alternate spin directions. When I work on the clockwise rotating chakras, the pendulum swings side-to-side when it completes the balancing, and the counterclockwise chakras cause the pendulum to swing forward and back to indicate balance.

Mind, Emotion, Body & Spirit Tune-up

I have since become proficient in chakra balancing and perform it during a session I call Mind, Emotion, Body & Spirit Tune-up. While providing the crystal chakra balancing with my left hand holding the pendulum, I add Reiki healing energy with my right hand. In addition, I began receiving intuitive messages from each chakra, indicating what is out of balance and how my client can keep them more aligned.

If you are interested in a crystal chakra balancing during my Mind, Emotion, Body & Spirit Tune-up, please reach out to me at or 908-391-4463. I also offer health coaching and can help you put the pieces of your health puzzle back together.

Learning the Chakra Vibrations

There are many ways that you can easily incorporate the wisdom of the chakras into your daily life. Chakra vibrational energy can also be used to heal yourself. Whether visiting with me for a Mind, Emotion, Body and Spirit Tune-up, or working with the vibrational energy of each chakra, it’s easy to bring your chakras, and your physical, emotional and spiritual self, back into alignment.  Check out tomorrow’s post on Learning the Chakra Vibrations for a guided tour on how you can connect with the powerful chakra vibrational energy of your own body quickly and easily through sound.

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