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October 2016

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Harvesting Weeds For Fall Health

I never used to like autumn.  I’ve always been more of a spring girl. Watching the world come alive, and singing with the energy of the earth… I’m in my glory! Lately though, I’m learning how beneficial reaping the harvest can be, both physically and spiritually.  Whether I’m watching the October rains turn our August-faded lawns green again, walking a mountain path, or sitting on the beach in my hoodie, debating a swim, there’s so much life waiting for us to share in the bounty and I’m learning to sit quietly and reflect in the cooling days and appreciate all I’ve done in the warmer seasons so that I can reap their benefit all winter long. What grows is often what we need, so I’d like...


Sukkot: A Spiritual Harvest

Harvest festivals represent renewal of body and mind--a harvesting of past mistakes, experiences, and relationships that is essential to personal development and growth. We are created to gather the balance of life and learn from its intricate patterns—the good and the bad. Connecting with Spirit helps identify with the seemingly mystical and distant aspects of life.   This balance and harvesting of life experience is reflected in ancient traditions.  That many of them are still practiced today proves their importance in daily life and the human need for inspiration to start anew. The ancient Jewish Festival of Sukkot, like many harvest celebrations, reflects the spiritual side of reaping the fruit of our labors.  Beginning the seventh month of the Jewish calendar and ending on Yom Kippur (which...


Aquidneck Food Challenge

Aquidneck Food Challenge Posted by Charla Dury on 10:00 AM in Aquidneck food challenge challenge eat local energy connection energy of food event old patterns new habits snapshot | Comments : 0 Rhode Island's Aquidneck Community Table launches their first ever eat local challenge this week, and whether you live on the island or across the country, shfting your food perspective to "eat like a local" opens up new patterns and new ways to connect to the energy of our bodies and our environment. There's no better time than now--when local food is at its most abundant--to try your hand at a more-local diet.  If you're looking for help eating locally in your area, please contact us at info@ and we'll help you find your local resources. Sign up to take the Aquidneck Food Challenge! September 1-10, 2016 Friends, We've been hearing a lot of questions...


NanoWrimo – Letting Your Vision Grow

October is a month of traditions, whether it’s celebrating a harvest festival or Halloween activities.  But Harvesting is also another way to reap the seeds we sow in our own journey, honing the talents and skills that make us who we are.  Writers all over the world look at November, also known in the noveling world as National Novel Writing Month (or the otherwise cryptic, NaNoWriMo) with anticipation, using October as a chance to gear up for one of the greatest writing challenges of all. writes: National November Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is a fun and creative writing challenge starting on November 1st and ending November 30th.  The goal is to write 50,000 words in just one month.  Sounds fun, crazy, intensive, and highly rewarding?  Well, it is....


Controlled Environment Agriculture At Spring Box Farms

As we talk about the annual harvest within environment week, we don't want to forget or discount farms that use Controlled Environment Agriculture who harvest all year long.  Many farms use this technique to monitor both the quality and organic content of the food that they produce.  Check out the local offerings at Clements' Marketplace. ...


Harvest: A Human Connection

By Tamara Rockiki Harvest festivals are representative of our own personal growth, and the need to share our successes. They center around abundance and community, and in this day and age of limited face-to-face connection, they remind us of the importance of celebrating that which we’ve done to get us where we are. This week, as an inspiration to share and grow from our personal harvests, we will be sharing stories of harvest traditions around the world, such as the olive harvest festival which has been celebrated in the township of Magione, Italy, since 2001.   Stephanie Spavento of the The Perpetual Explorer writes that this festival takes place on November 23rd, in conjunction with the feast of St. Clement, the patron saint of metalworkers and blacksmiths.  It celebrates the...


Harvesting Wisdom From People We’ve Lost

Recently, my husband’s great aunt passed away after a long bout with a painful cancer. Kim was a wonderful woman and her wry wit and comforting presence will be missed at every family gathering.  Her love and pride in our family was something that I cherished.  Kim had been part of my life for almost thirty years and her presence in our lives taught me many things. Kim devoted her life to supporting the mental and emotional health of troubled teens across the nation.  A spiritual person from a young age, Kim gravitated toward spiritual people from all faiths. She eventually settled in southern Colorado, cultivating a close connection to the Native American community. While working with teenagers on the reservation there, Kim’s faith was deepened to...


Oktoberfest – Not Just For Germans

Although not technically a harvest festival, Oktoberfest is one of the most well-known fall festivals worldwide, and represents the basic human need for community and celebration. Today, Oktoberfest smacks of fall, with seasonal beverages and attractions to connect and recharge. The City of Munich’s website claims the origin of Oktoberfest, goes back to October 12, 1810.  It was on that day that the future King Ludwig I married Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen, giving all of Munich a reason to celebrate.  The festivity brought inspiration to celebrate yet again the following year, beginning the massive tradition of Oktoberfest. Each year since that famous wedding, new attractions, agricultural shows, contests, and beer tasting stations have been added to the festivity.   Like many harvest celebrations, Paige Villiard of The Black Label, writes...


Halloween As A Harvest Tradition

Halloween is the ultimate harvest tradition--one that touches upon many cultures and traditions.  But where do our Halloween traditions come from?  Did the holiday ever have spiritual connotations?  Does it still? Whether trick or treating, carving jack o' lanterns or bobbing for apples, Halloween, like many holidays, comes with its own set of traditions. Learning the roots of these traditions can allow for a better understanding of self, and a stronger connection to a holiday that ranks as one of the best loved. Photo courtesy of North Jersey Media Group   Samhain, which occurs on the same date as Halloween, was an ancient celebration centered around the last harvest of the year. The day marked the beginning of winter, a time associated with death. On this night, the...


Working With Intuition, Not Fear

By Carlie Currier   October is a time for harvesting. Nourished by the warmth of the sun, summer was a time for growth within. While sowing the seeds of our goals, we thought deeply about what we wanted to manifest within our lives. Now the season of fall calls for a new phase in our growth--the fruition of our dreams into reality. However, we need to be aware of exactly what we’re harvesting. Ghosts and demons also come out in October. Are  we allowing our higher selves to shine through so we can reach our full potential, or, are we letting the superstitions and phobias of our past dictate us? Maybe some of us are still allowing skeletons to hide inside the closets of our comfort zones. Is...


Find Your Untapped Potential

Do you ever wonder about your true calling?  Do you yearn for something more but just don’t know what? Each of us is equipped with unique talents and skills.  Finding our true calling is a journey. It’s not always easy to realize what we’re meant to do in life.  In her blog post, “Untapped Potential: Finding Your Talent”, Mind Key member, Tamara Rokicki, shares her journey in pursuing her passion.  It doesn't have to be as complicated as we make it.  Life presents our talents in many ways, whether it’s a simple hobby that rescues us from the mundane or in the way we inspire others. As the warmer weather winds down, and the days grow shorter, we naturally begin to harvest our skills and lessons from the experiences of the past...


Kicking Off NanoWrimo Season

Connecting with other like minded people is imperative in finding inspiration.  November marks the annual writing challenge, NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), which provides inspiration and resources for to writers to complete fifty thousand words in thirty days. Although NaNoWriMo is revered by aspiring authors across the globe, the raw and freeing act of writing--unedited--is not reserved for novelists alone. October helps us gear up for this event. The harvest season is when we pull together our resources and reflect, and there is no better time to ready ourselves for a writing challenge. Whether it’s by preparing a story outline or gathering ideas on how to gain more writing time, October comes at the perfect time. Mind Key member Tamara Rokicki shares her tips on how to prepare for...