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5 Products that could save you from a hangover – Tips and Tricks

Good timing with Memorial weekend at hand, here are some hangover remedies we found to help you though that AM slump. ******************** Hangovers are nature’s not-so-friendly reminder that too much of a good thing isn’t always all that grand. Even so, we’re not ones to let that deter us from enjoying our glasses of Sauvignon Blanc, or imbibing an Old Fashioned. And while there may be a ton of do-it-yourself remedies out there to help you beat the aftermath of a night out, sometimes you’re in need of something a little stronger, and more formulaic, than some greasy food and a Gatorade. When that’s the case, here are the products that will let you have your wine and drink it, too. Prime There’s no reason that a (really) fun...