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September 2015

Mind KEY / 2015 / September

The Spirit Deer

​In early summer of this year, I popped my shamanic drum circle cherry. I had an idea of what to expect, but the actual experience differed greatly from my expectations. Thanks to fellow Mind Key members Vera Remes, Reiki Ruth, and Danielle Rose, I now have a hunger for shamanic journeying and working with spirit or totem animals. ​Somewhat deep in the woods of Ringwood, NJ, a group a seekers and I came together around a lush fire with drums, shakers, Smores, and hot dogs. Before this meeting, I had not spent much time in the woods, and I hated realizing what I had missed. Spiritually consuming nature is a necessity to true connectedness, no matter where you are mentally or emotionally. The most anticipated event at this drum circle,...

Sacred Smoke Bowl Blessing: A Native American Ritual

Among the many world cultures, I find Native American history to be the richest and most profound of all.  Deeply rooted in the great land that makes up the United States, their culture and practices are the foundation of our American civilization.  Much is credited to Native American history and traditions.  Many of their practices we still use today (think moccasins, teepees or dream catchers) but others are unfamiliar and worth exploring. Continuously aware of the spirit world and connected to the purity, symbolism and value of each nature element, Native Americans believed in the worth of life—most importantly the manner in which one conducts his life. As an immigrant who has grown up with a varied cultural background, I find the Native American culture...

A novel is never a one-person project

Cover design for "Chimera"Finishing a novel is easily the biggest accomplishment of my life.  Immediately I had to change my bio, as for many years it had read: "Danielle has begun dozens of novels, but has yet to finish one.""Chimera" is about to be fully realized as I head to Vermont with a better than one-in-six chance to win a traditional publishing contract.  I am so blessed and honored for this opportunity.I am so proud not only of myself, but of all the collaborators that helped me finish this.  I could not have done it without Charla Dury, Tamara Rokicki and especially Rebecca Godina, who has been in it since the beginning! They were all patient with me as I gave them large chunks of...

Discovering Celtic Inspired Art

This weekend I attended The Celtic Heritage Festival in Bethlehem, PA.  Besides the amazing array of kilts, celtic music, and sports, I was stunned by the quality vendors whose wares were for sale at this show.The beauty of walking through tents and tents of hand crafted items is that each booth brings you into a different space of being. Whether it's smelling hand carved wooden toys and sculptures, watching the light bounce off hand tooled copper designs, or discovering an amazing new art techniques… each new space brings with it a sense of awe, wonder and amazement.  Even better is the opportunity to meet the artist and talk about their work.  They're always so willing to share their techniques, their inspiration, and their story.  If...

Mind Key Novel is now “Chimera”

Only a couple days left before I head to Vermont and pitch my novel to Curbside Publishing, agent Marilyn Atlas, and publicist Meryl Moss.  It's been a wild ride these past few months.  Mere weeks after re-launching Mind Key and the membership program, I discovered that I was a contestant in this amazing contest.  While setting up Mind Key membership, building a blog, publishing an anthology and organizing a festival, I had to finish writing a book that was only half done, make major edits, and then polish it by mid-July.  Whew!While I have been working fervently to come up with a final title (check!), finish the novel cover (check!), drafting notes and and a powerpoint for my marketing plan (so behind), re-writing my inside...

“Yin and Yang: The Duality of Balance”- The Mind Key Anthology, Second Edition

As the Mind Key Project continues to grow and evolve, we are looking ahead at some exciting collaborations.  One of them is the second edition of the Mind Key Anthology, a collection of art, stories and poems that reflect Mind Key’s passion for life and discovery to one’s purpose. The first edition of “The Mind Key Project:  An Anthology” attracted the exquisite work of many artists and writers, all of which contributed to the book by sharing their love and passion for life.  The beautifully composed book shared captivating images of nature, magic and health while reflecting on intrinsic stories of faeries, Celtic rituals, and much more. Visit www.mindkey.me/anthology to see some interior images and purchase a copy of this first edition.Mind Key is thrilled to...

Celtic Poetry of Place

A total connection with the present is a difficult thing to obtain. Our worlds are shaped by our tumultuous histories, and our triumphs are often overshadowed by our worst enemies - ourselves. Daily planning and routine trumps most spontaneity. As a result, many turn to myths, rituals, and metaphysical practices to gain a better sense of what it means to embrace the present and savor every moment in a significant place, whether that place be physical or mental. The poetry associated with the Celtic tradition offers boundless outlets for anyone seeking connectedness. Here is simply a taste of what the Irish have to offer.The Lake Isle of InnisfreeI will arise and go now, and go to Innisfree,And a small cabin build there, of clay...


Take Charge of Your Life

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