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The Ultimate Communication Services Package


We believe all of our customers have a story to tell, and our services are geared toward creating that story in a beautiful and engaging way. The best way to do this is directly through your website. Whereas the old paradigm is to send out news and information periodically in a newsletter, we feel that in the new age of online communication, your website should always be the star player.  Every newsletter, every social media post, every event promotion should bring people back to your site.  

The more often and the more you post to your site, the higher your page rises in the ranking on search sites like Google. That means with constant updating of content, you will get more and more views when someone types in a keyword associated with your site/product/service/events.

The following package allows for ultimate visibility and credibility in today’s online world, while maintaining the traditional feel of one-on-one communication that many people feel has been lost in the age of technology.

Please note that the purchase of this item constitutes the set-up fees for the product, equal to your monthly payment. Upon completion of your purchase, we will contact you to set up your service, and you will be invoiced monthly.



This monthly online communication service package includes our Blog Maintenance, Blog Content, Newsletter Services, Social Media Maintenance, and Calendar Maintenance services in one complete package.

Our online communication services

We will take the content you send us, as well as create new content on a weekly basis that matches your company’s mission, goals and voice, and:

1.) post weekly to your blog,

2.) share this information on social media and maintain your social media sites,

3.) create and send a stunning monthly newsletter that brings people back to your website, and

4.) create and share information about all of your upcoming events.

Our editorial team will meet weekly to discuss your online communication and blog. We will connect with you as needed to ensure things are running the way you need.  We also provide a monthly report of your blog, newsletter, and social media activity. In this way, you see which content gets the best response. The reports and meetings alone are worth over $175 in value.  All-in-all this package offers our best value, reflecting more than $300 worth of savings per month for all of your communication needs.


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