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writers and writing online writing course

The Mind Key Online Writing Course


This unique four-week online writing course will help hone your writing skills and get your work published. We go over the basics and nuances of article writing, research, citations, pitch and query writing, as well as how to edit and polish your work.  This course is essential for any professional or budding professional (writing or otherwise) to understand how the internet “reads” your content, and how to ensure you get as many hits as possible, all while increasing your search rankings. In other words: we teach you how to get your article at the top of any online search.

We offer continuing education opportunities for all of our course participants, as well as support from our editorial staff, long after the course ends.


Are you seeking to become a published writer? In this online writing course, Danielle Rose, an editor and investigative journalist with almost two decades of experience, will teach you to make money or promote your website or online presence as a writer, or professional in your field, and how to query any publication, in any subject matter with well-researched, professional-grade writing that covers SEO, Google search rankings, and so much more.


What you’ll learn

Our focus in this workshop will be short articles perfect for posting in an online resume or CV, or for posting on your own blog. Think something you might read in a newspaper or magazine.  Learn to pique the interest of today’s fast-paced, internet-accustomed reader, and cater to the mysterious formulas of online exposure and search rankings. 

Both new and experienced writers (including those wanting to brush up on their SEO experience) will find value in the course material. So, too, will any professional wanting to utilize their research or expertise to build an online presence and credibility, publish a book, or become a full or part-time freelance writer with sustainable income. This course is also a great start for anyone who would like to break into a new field of interest without completely starting over. 


How it works

In this four-week online writing course, we review the elements of a good story, and how to effectively bring those elements online.

  • *Support your topic with solid resources and research,
  • *Write intelligently, conversationally and creatively for a wide array of different audiences, and
  • *Publish your article with prestigious and/or paying publications.

We will cover the nuances and essentials of online publication—pertinent today even in print:

  • *How to create great keywords and make sure they’re utilized for optimum visibility,
  • *The use and importance of headers, headlines and SEO,
  • *Proper cross-promotion of published pieces on social media to get the best following for your publication or personal brand.

Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to have their articles considered for publication with The Daily Key. This is a great opportunity for writers seeking to build their portfolio and resume with published clips.


What we do different

Participants will walk away from this online writing course with a complete and polished piece of writing. Learn to use articles to improve credentials as a writer or professional, or to create a publishable a book.

We also offer continued support with your instructor and our editorial staff.  Get exclusive notifications of publications seeking the topics you write about. Find continued support and advice in sending out queries and pitches, and exclusive Mind Key opportunities for paid writing assignments. Mind Key prides itself on building lasting relationships with our entire network.  Your investment in this class allows us to continue supporting you in your craft, long after the course ends.


Your instructor for this online writing course

Danielle Rose has a background in editing and investigative journalism. She started her career as an editorial assistant where she spearheaded the publication of dozens textbooks. Today, she writes for local news publications, and was awarded her first Health column in 2007. She continues to write for periodicals nationwide, and has edited a number of print publications—including two full-color anthologies of art and writing through Mind Key Publishing ( Danielle is adept at understanding SEO, search rankings and the nuances of getting your work noticed online.

Danielle also has education and experience in story and novel writing, editing, and marketing. Her experience in online publishing extends through the Mind Key online magazine, to the professional blogs of her business clients.


Our gift to you!

Sign up today, and we’ll offer you a 30% discount on this invaluable course. That’s over $150 off!  Sign up with a friend and you both get an additional 5% off… wow!


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