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Mind KEY / services

Mind Key Communication Maintenance services

Contact for more information or to purchase today.

All businesses need a way to communicate with both their established and potential clients. You work hard at the service you provide, but it takes time to maintain the online presence that is so essential to building and maintaining customers in today’s web-centric business environment. Mind Key’s business and online communication services work with your existing business and marketing plan to generate and publish the content you need to stand out in today’s online world. Our team members are veterans in the communication, journalism and online marketing. Together we have built Mind Key’s online magazine, The Daily Key, by utilizing the same journalistic ideals and online essentials that we incorporate into every article we publish.

Our online communication packages include the following services that can be purchased separately, or combined at a significant discount. Together, we help build and maintain a platform that works for you. (click each header below for more information or to purchase one month’s worth of service now).

Not sure what you need, or how these services can help you?  Contact Danielle today for a Business Consult that can help you determine exactly what online communication services you need, and how we can help. Each of these services are completely adaptable, and together we can help you determine if a variation of one or all of these services is the best fit for you.

Blog maintenance starting at $250/month***

We believe that the blog is the heart of all today’s communication. A blog is the best way to provide new content needed to boost your webpage to the top of search engine results, and to continually bring people back to your website via social media, email campaigns, printed material, event listings, advertising, marketing and more. With this service, you provide the content, and we will create a beautiful blog, perfectly edited and formatted with images, that posts once per week.

You don’t write, or have the time to write? Consider our blog content service which will take your knowledge and expertise, or that of forerunners in your field, and create amazing original content that compliments the news about your business (see below).

***Are you already a writer? If you feel your work is publication-ready, and includes images, our editorial team will provide the final copyediting and formatting, with up to 25% off our standard rate. What better way to focus on your business and your writing, than by letting us take care of the headache of posting?

Blog content starting at $250/month

We will create one new post per week from scratch.  These articles will be written in journalistic magazine-style—third-person (or first-person by an expert in the field of discussion—your choice) and will include exceptional sources from our writers, all edited by a seasoned journalist and editor, and organized by our editorial team. Also included is the artwork needed (much of it original) to make your stories stand out.

Newsletter services starting at $75/month

Newsletters are the number one way people remember your service.  Even if they don’t have time to read the content (although with our newsletters, they will want to make the time!), seeing your name in their inbox reminds them of who you are, and to reach out to you when they’re ready for their next appointment or product. We will work your content into an easy-to-read, visually pleasing, weekly newsletter you can send to your entire list.  We also maintain your list, adding contacts as you send them to us. Sign up for a blog maintenance package or our full communication services, and the rate for this service can drop by as much as 50%.

Social media maintenance starting at $175/month

This maintenance package includes approximately one hour per week maintaining up to three of your business’ social media pages.  This package also includes a report on our findings of your business’ social media hits,  an evaluation of our work on your social media sites, and a monthly meeting with you. For an additional fee, we can also respond to all comments and messages, as well as create new networks and contacts in your field.

Calendar maintenance starting at $100/month

Do you have more than one or two events each month?  Workshops, online courses, vendor shows, festivals, open houses?  People want to see everything you’re doing at a glance and, when they do, they’re more likely to return time and time again. We will take your events, update them in your online calendar, and make sure those events are shared and highlighted throughout your online community.  We can also create Facebook events for your events, boosting exposure and sales (Facebook events are free when this service is purchased with our social media maintenance, or Ultimate Communication Services packages). For an additional $25/month we will also disseminate those events to your local print and online publications and calendars.

Interested in more event promotion? We’re building a team of individuals personally invested in bringing your events more attendees. These individuals have large online and in-person networks, and are trained in marketing and promotion. Over time, we can help you significantly increase attendance at all of your events or classes. Contact us to see if we have a team available in your location.

The Ultimate Online Communication Services Package starting at $999/month

This package includes all of the above services.  We will take the content you send us, as well as create new content on a weekly basis that matches your company’s mission, goals and voice, and post it to your blog once weekly. Then, using that information, we will create a visually stunning newsletter and send it to your entire list (we will also help build and maintain your list for you).  We will maintain your social media sites, sharing the information we’ve created. Our editorial team will meet weekly behind the scenes to discuss your online communication and blog, and are happy to schedule a monthly meeting with you, free of charge, if you so desire.  We will share with you copies of your upcoming editorial calendar so you can ensure that things are running smoothly and in a timely manner.  We also provide a monthly report of your blog, newsletter, and social media activity so you can see which content gets the best response (the reports and meetings alone are worth over $175 in value).  All-in-all this package offers the best value with more than $200 worth of savings per month for all of your communication needs!

Start-up fees starting at $250 (one-time fee required for most services)

We will meet with you, discuss your business plan, and your intention for growth within your business for the future. Together, we will determine which elements of our communication services package are best for you. We will consider the kind of content you should be sharing, how much content we will create from scratch, what your competition is doing online, and your current online exposure and goals.

At the end of the set-up period, you will have:

1.) a solid idea of what your communication structure will look like, (blog, calendar, social media, newsletter, etc.),

2.) an editorial calendar with a team to maintain it,

3.) insight on how to make your online communication services work best for you.

For businesses that want us to create the lion’s share of their content, start-up fees will also include building an editorial team to create and maintain your online body of work. We will discuss your vision for your business and blog, and will discuss the need to create a new blog if you do not currently have one, or to adjust your existing blog to meet your growing needs.


Business Consult $75/hour

Not sure which of these services will be the best fit for you? A business coaching session is perfect for anyone who needs guidance or support taking their business to the next level. Whether you are seeking more clients, increasing your daily income, or everything in between, Danielle can help you determine where to focus your energies into your growing business, and when it is time to seek outside help.

A consult will last approximately 50 minutes, with follow-ups scheduled as needed. If you choose to work with Mind Key Business Services to support your needs, the consult fee is discounted from your first payment for any additional services purchased.


Which tier of services are right for you?

Our services are tiered to speak to three different types of businesses. To see pricing for your tier, visit the service’s page in The Mind Key Marketplace, and choose the tier from the drop-down box. The Non-Profit Tier is not available for purchase online. Contact to learn more, for pricing options, and to purchase today.

Small Business Tier

Our small business tier is suitable for start-ups and businesses that are looking to get more online traction, but don’t have the staff, know-how or time to do it all. Mind Key believes that if you are passionate about work you do, then others will find value in it, too. However, reaching out to customers and clients can be hard when you’re already investing so much of your time into serving them. Therefore, our small business tier is priced to make the hiring out of your online communications work a no-brainer, freeing up time so you can do what you do best.

Gold Tier

Our gold tier offers incredible perks and bonuses for businesses who have an established website and client base.We value your online presence, and understand that you have been working to create an image that may look simple to most, but is intricate and complex at its core. We will help increase exposure while maintaining contact with your existing followers.

The benefits of this tier include:

  • more time spent with  members of your team to understand your brand, business structure and the content that is the best fit for your current goals,
  • availability for regularly scheduled, and last minute meetings to speak with your team regarding your work,
  • write articles that include timely, pertinent and complex research from reliable sources that speaks to your brand,
  • edit a reasonable number of internal documents, free of charge,
  • create and distribute press releases for the content we create,
  • high-quality professional photography and images to accompany your content,
  • quicker turnaround for last-minute changes or directives,
  • an editorial calendar built out several months in advance so you always know what’s happening next,
  • and so much more!


If you are a non-profit, or are interested in bartering with The Mind Key Project, our non-profit tier may be the best fit for you. Non-profits offer our communities a valuable service, usually at a great sacrifice of time and energy. This tier is available at close to half the price of our small business tier because we value your work, and appreciate your support of ours. To qualify for the non-profit tier, you must contact for a brief consultation. Be prepared to discuss your business goals and the services you might be interested in purchasing. Danielle will discuss the services we believe will be the best fit for your needs, the price we can offer, and barter options, if applicable.

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