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Danielle Rose Writer

Mind KEY / Danielle Rose Writer

Danielle Rose is a researcher, journalist, writer and editor with a focus on creating well-researched articles that foster a better understanding of today’s changing world. Danielle has been writing professionally on a wide range of lifestyle and current event topics such as food, health, alternative healing, parenting and community resources since 2005. Her articles have appeared in periodicals ranging from consumer publications like local newspapers, to trade publications in the field of nutrition and wellness. Danielle’s articles get to the heart of their subject, cutting through the chaff of what some would consider “fluffy” topics and providing solid fact-based content in an easy-to-read, conversational way.

Published clips

The Daily Key

CLICK HERE to review current articles written for The Daily Key by Danielle Rose

Trade Magazine Articles

Articles written for trade publications in the realm of health and supplements. Many articles focused on health trends and marketing toward these trends for an audience of suppliers, manufacturers and retailers. These articles require subscriptions to access. Therefore, the final, submitted draft of the published pieces are shared here as reference. Find the published article via online subscriptions to the named publication.


Chill: Exploring trends and ingredients for mood, mental wellness and sleep (NPI, Oct 2022) pg 27

Nootropics: Ingredients and formulations for Esports: Published in Natural Products Insider Jul 2022 (pg 19)

Healthy aging formulation and trends: Published in Natural Products Insider Aug 2022 (pg 34)

Maximum mobility: Ingredients aimed at active nutrition: Published in Natural Products Insider Aug 2022 (pg 15)

Planet-forward permeates natural beauty products: Published in Natural Products INSIDER Jan 2022

Healthy aging: Responsibly products, healthy customers: Published in Natural Products Insider 2021 (pg 21)

The Esca Bona Ingredient Trends Series: Adaptogens

The Esca Bona Food & Beverage Ingredient Trends Series: Ancient Grains

Marketing Curcumin: Published in Natural Products INSIDER 2014

Ingredients for Immune Health: Published in Natural Products INSIDER 2016

Case Study: Theo Chocolate: Published in the Esca Bona Experience for Supply Side West 2017

Tabasco: Case Studies: Published in The Esca Bona Experience for Supply Side West 2016

Astaxanthin Applications: Published in Natural Products INSIDER

Nutrition for Vitality and Energy: Published in Natural Products INSIDER


Getting an Edge in Esports: Meeting the Health Needs of Competitive Gamers 2022

Heart Health Dietary Supplement Market Influences & Opportunities: Published in Nutraceuticals Word 2021

Nutricosmetics: Published in Nutraceuticals World 2018

Bone and Joint Health: Published in Nutraceuticals World 2016

Health and Wellness

These articles support health and wellness from a variety of different perspectives depending on the publication, audience and subject matter.

Back to Nature

Herbal CSA Combines Education and Health

Yoga for Cancer: Published in North Jersey Media Group

Is that Formaldehyde in my closet?

These articles were part of a series of nature stories covering the aesthetics, medicinal uses, and spiritual lore and energies of commonly found landscaping species, both native and introduce

The Many Sides of the Bradford Pear

Multiple Facets of Forsythia

Daffodils offer a Symbol of Hope

Family and Lifestyle

Articles with a focus on thriving in today’s uncertain world. Particularly of note: recognizing and learning to utilize local supports, regardless of age, background or income status.

Composting in 2020: As Easy as Taking Out the Trash

Cold Water Swimming in New England

Extreme winter sports in Rhode Island

An interview with author Elizabeth Gilbert

Family Tips for Surviving Social Distancing

Published at the start of the pandemic when families were struggling with social distancing measures, this article took local families suggestions and combined them with the (then new and rare) offerings within the community to create a local networking story of support with a personal spin.

Community Advocacy Articles

These articles represent a sampling of Danielle’s journalistic passion for sharing and supporting the works of local groups, many of whom are non-profit, that support local communities.

Conexion Latina Newport to Bridge the Spanish-English Gap

Port Marker to Commemorate Black History

Increasing Access to North End Arts

Reaching Spanish-Speaking Community in Census 2020

ALT Enters Third Year of Conservation

Trinity Village: A Holistic Approach to Recovery

Measurable Changes for Clean Ocean Access

Religious Freedom Celebrated on Holiday Tour

Local Non-Profit Holiday Gift Giving Guide

Connecting Chamber Music with the Community

Newport North End Redevelopment

Driven by tourism, Newport, RI is undergoing massive redevelopment plans to the city’s North End “Gateway.” This redevelopment, spurred by RI DOT’s realignment of Newport Bridge entrance/exit ramps, will open significant acreage for development. The plans, which included the building of a hotel, convention center, and strip mall in a historic, residential area of town, has the potential to completely disrupt the social dynamic of the city, displacing middle and lower-class families who had lived there for dozens of generations, and disrupting the working class dynamic that the tourism industry and burgeoning “Blue and Green Technologies” being incubated, rely on. These articles follow the story of groups and organizations advocating for residents’ needs and affecting lasting change toward holistic growth of the city as both a place of both historic and residential import, not just tourism. These articles, published in a free weekly funded by local advertisers, provided an important touchstone for residents who otherwise had no access to news regarding decisions being made that will impact their future and their children’s future.

Resident Input on North End Sought

North End Plan is about Balance

Residents and Businesses Weigh In

Residents Question Developer’s North End Plan

North End Forum Examines Redevelopment Plan

Taking the North End to the People

Getting to know your food

A series of investigative articles published in the early 2010s by North Jersey Media Group. The focus of the articles was to understand where our food comes from by examining different types of food we buy and discussing the source of those foods as well as government regulations around them The articles go deeper via interviews with varying purveyors and governing bodies for these foods, such as Perdue (chicken), Foxy (lettuce and vegetables), King Arthur Flour, and the NJ Dairy Association. Since North Jersey Media Group restructured in/around 2014, these articles are no longer available online and a sampling is shared here in their final draft form that was submitted to the editorial department prior to publication.

Getting to Know Your Food: An Intro to the series

Getting to Know Your Food Part I

Getting to Know Your Food Part II

All About Wheat Part I

All About Wheat Part II

Meet your Wheat Company

Getting to know Poultry Part I

Getting to know Poultry Part II

Know your Poultry Purveyors

Getting to Know Milk Part I

Getting to Know Milk Part II

Understanding Raw Milk

Getting to know your Beef Part I

Getting to know your Beef Part II

Get to know your beef (meet your purveyors) Part II

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