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Danielle Rose: Communication specialist

Mind KEY / Danielle Rose: Communication specialist
Danielle Rose
Danielle Rose, founder, CEO and EIC for The Mind Key Project

From investigative journalism to consulting in media and online communications, Danielle brings over 20 years of communications experience to the table. Whether writing about alternative modalities of health, happiness and success, or helping businesses utilize technology and SEO best practices to make the most of their online presence, Danielle blends natural elements with extensive experience and education in the field of communications. Be it through writing and editing assistance, consulting or educational classes, your time with Danielle will leave you feeling clearer, more confident, and at peace with what’s coming next.



Whether you have a thriving business ready for the next stage, are no longer sure what makes you happy, or if you are seeking guidance in alternative modalities for health and wellbeing, a consult with Danielle Rose will help you reach the next stage of your personal and professional development and growth. This is a unique opportunity to get advice on manageable changes you can make toward a healthy and happy life or business. Discover your biggest roadblocks and receive suggestions that fit your personality, body and lifestyle. She will also offer suggestions for vetted products, services and professionals who can help you continue toward your goals.

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Business Consulting

Danielle utilizes her experience with growing and established businesses to help you find the resources you need to meet and exceed your business goals.  Online communications are close to Danielle’s heart, and as the founder and current owner/manager of Mind Key Business Services, she can help you effectively manage your business’s message and content, while connecting you with the right services and individuals to support the running and promotion of your company so you can do what you do best.

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Writing, Editing and Coaching


Danielle has been a freelance journalist for 20 years. She takes on a wide variety of assignments that require skill, research and a professional, yet conversational, tone.


Danielle has experience working with approximately 50 different publications, from textbook publishing to Mind Key’s The Daily Key, and the Mind Key Anthologies. She offers marketing and editorial advice for any project that needs a professional eye.


Take your work to the next level with Danielle’s coaching services.  Get your paper, book or novel publication-ready. Find the edge you need to make it in today’s competitive world of publishing.


Mind Key came about as a direct result of Danielle Rose’s exploration into the spiritual and metaphysical.  Her creative endeavors, combined with varying healing modalities, encouraged her body to reconnect with itself. This story of how this happened was brought to light by Chimera, A Mind Key Novel. This writing project eventually morphed into The Mind Key Project of today.

Visit to view Danielle’s CV and writing clips.

Intuitive readings

Danielle Rose, founder, CEO and EIC for The Mind Key Project

A reading with Danielle can help you become more aware of yourself, answer questions about daily life, matters of the heart, and a deeper exploration of consciousness. She often incorporates elements of her intuitive readings into her one-on-one consultations. Because of her life-long connection to the spirits of nature, her favorite tool for accessing the energies present in the universe and in your life is The Faeries Oracle. Working with the faeries is a unique experience that focuses on helping you get where you want to go, rather than determining the exact elements of your future.

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Danielle’s work comes in many forms, and much of it throughout her career has been offered to individuals, businesses, students and community organizations at discounted rates or completely free. If you have benefited from Danielle’s guidance or expertise, please consider a regular contribution (and a laundry list of exceptional perks) via one of the following avenues. And, as always, thank you for your support!

Health, happiness, sustainability & success

These tenets are at the heart of everything Danielle does, and are not only the foundation of her work as a writer, editor and publisher, but they are also the basis of The Mind Key Project, an eight year investment to helping others discover the keys to their personal journey. Supporting The Daily Key magazine means getting personalized support and information on your journey, while helping get similar content out into the world for others seeking guidance, too.

Medicine, Magic and Self-Care

Danielle’s connection to nature and spirits has been cultivated since early childhood. As she’s learned to understand and use these skills for self-healing, she’s shared the knowledge and experience with others. She plans to one day retire to a cabin as “The Lady in the Wood” who continues to provide this guidance to all that find her. Until then, she continues to make and sell medicine and cosmetics, as well as jewelry and magic for healing, self-love and growth. Through your support of her work in these areas, you will receive personalized monthly guidance, tangible gifts and educational material for your healing journey.

Mind Key Business Services Sponsorship

Do you own a business? Through Mind Key Business Services, Danielle has served dozens of businesses seeking their voice or(and) a way to share their vision with their communities small and large. By supporting The Daily Key, you will receive specially created content specific to your business’ needs and goals that can be used anywhere your business has exposure online. Your work and your message will also be promoted via The Daily Key website and social media channels. Sponsoring The Daily Key also means supporting the sharing of researched and reliable information on alternative modalities of health, happiness and success where information is traditionally unreliable or inaccessible (eg: business or life coaching, alternative healing modalities, etc.). The Daily Key takes care to only publish information that is resourced and studied (and to let you know when what we share is experiential or opinion) and shared in a conversational tone. She believes that this is essential for humans to make educated choices, and she believes that this is how all valued information should be shared, including yours.


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