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Writing Coaching & Consultation with Marisa Goudy



A writing and storytelling coach is for the creative entrepreneur, therapist, or other professional who owns her story, but who doesn’t want all the headaches of ownership.

Marisa is a sounding board, a fresh set of eyes, a seasoned player in the digital marketing arena, a compassionate editor, and a storyteller in her own right who is fiercely dedicated to helping you write your own Sovereign Story. She will help you focus on your website content, special reports, email sequences, and information products–the copy most important to your business goals. Then, you’ll be ready to move on to writing blog content, articles, and maybe even that book project.

Sovereign Standard Writing & Storytelling Coaching Program Initial Consultation.

You’ll complete a customized Ideal Client/Ideal Business/Ideal Reader questionnaire and Marisa will review up to five pages of your website OR 2000 words of your writing followed by a 90-minute phone conversation. Following the consultation you’ll receive a report of recommendations and strategies that will guide the next phase of your writing practice.


What You Can Expect From Your Writing & Storytelling Coach

This is Marisa’s promise to all of her clients:

Consider me your partner in every step of the writing journey. Together we will:

  • make sure you’re clear on the work you’re meant to do, the people you’re meant to serve, and the message you’re meant to bring to the world
  • determine the needs and interests of your readers
  • brainstorm and organize your ideas
  • create an editorial calendar or a writing plan that you can actually sustain
  • continue to journey together as your vision, story, audience, and business evolve

And I will:

  • empower you to become a stronger writer and storytelling, specifically when it comes to communicating an online audience
  • edit your work and make informed, detailed suggestions about your content
  • offer support as you work to repurpose your story for other formats


  • $447 for the initial consultation and then a set monthly fee.
  • Ongoing fees start at $259/month for two hours of support. Together, you and Marisa will decide on the scope and focus of your monthly package (generally up to 5 hours per month, an investment of $499).
  • Generally, the basic two-hour package includes a 30-minute consultation plus comprehensive review and editing of at least 1500 words. Actual fees depend on your consultation and editing needs and your writing and publishing goals. The initial consultation and writing sample review give Marisa the information she needs to set up our monthly time commitment and pricing.

Set up a free 15 minute conversation to learn more about how you can create a profitable, sustainable writing practice today.

As a writer and storytelling coach, I support emerging thought leaders like you create content that your readers care about. When you start telling the right stories – the strong stories – you create a vibrant online presence, strengthen relationships, and build a business around what’s most important.

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