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Community as a source of connection

Mind KEY / Career  / Community as a source of connection

Community as a source of connection

The Mind Key Community is not only a source of talent, information and guidance, but it is a community of support.  Each member believes that some form of connectedness is important for our journey as human beings.

The method of connection to community differs greatly from person to person.  Community is more than just the sum of the individual relationships within it, and as a whole functions as a higher vibrational energy.

“Humans crave (and need) to be connected to each other, to the environment and to community,” writer Charla Dury said. Charla enjoys sharing her life and her views on life through her writing, using her blog as a place to open dialogue and stay connected to others.

Healer Vera Remes volunteers.  She also stays connected through the process of learning and studying with different healers so that she can expand her skills and share her knowledge. 

Gourmet baker, Dina Gilmartin, finds that creativity is her outlet for connecting with her local and global community.

Dina’s Banana Cream Cupcakes

“[The bakery] is place where people can go for a ‘small piece of heaven,’” Dina said.  In providing others the escape and the joy of a well-baked cookie, even if only for a moment, she has found her place in the greater whole.

Without connection to our creativity, sharing our talents with others would be futile.

Storyteller Rebecca Godina weaves her stories in isolation.  The creation of her stories acts as a medium for resolving issues.  As a result, her connection to her imagination, creativity, and inner voice is heightened. She craves something more interpersonal, however, and as a result began writing out her daydreams.

“I came to the realization a few years ago that in order to make connections with others, I had to share my daydreams,” Rebecca said.

Writer and teacher, Tara Ann Lesko finds working with special education students so demanding that when she isn’t on the job, she immerses herself in art, music and literature in order to disconnect. Not a true isolation, however, the disconnect is more of a shifting from one aspect of self to another.

“Those outlets for disconnection are what helps me reconnect to what identifies me, beyond what I do for a living,” Tara said.

Tarot reader and empath, Sarah Loukos, maintains her connection to the world through spirit – her cards and her guides.  She remains grounded by fostering a connection to water and earth, living in the moment and being open to give and receive love.  Through this, she can better serve those she helps through her work, creating a very profound connection to others.

Green Lady by Grace NgDung

Similarly, artist Grace NgDung creates in order to open and strengthen her spiritual connection.  Her art provides a direct connection to something higher and, as a result, affects others on an emotional level.

“I want to connect to and open other people’s hearts with my art.  That’s my mission, and what art used to be,” Grace said.

Connection with others also allows us to reframe our own path and how we view the world. If humans were solitary beings we would be unable to grow as individuals or as a race.

“I think that we are all affected by everyone that we meet and interact with, and that sometimes they mold or reshape our way of understanding things,” community member, Dr. Kevin Hall said.

Danielle Rose
Founder, Mind Key

I help people follow their dreams! As the founder, CEO and Editor-in-Chief at Mind Key, Danielle has the skills and abilities to help you grow in your chosen career, or to launch the business of your dreams to the next level.

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