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Author: Barbara Steingas

Mind KEY / Articles posted by Barbara Steingas

Believing with The Belief Coach

By Barbara Steingas This month, I had the pleasure of a complimentary belief coaching session with The Belief Coach, Wendy Watson-Hallowell. I choose her service for my wishlist because changing your beliefs are the foundation of our successes and failures. Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, either way you’re right.” Changing beliefs that are no longer working can help you get unstuck, or achieve your next goal.  We all have blind spots of beliefs that keep us from accomplishing our goals and that sabotage our success. Wendy could help me uncover some underlying limiting beliefs that hold me back from more success with my practice. If I could do this, then I could help more people who I’m here to...

Did women’s lib go too far?

By Barbara Steingas ​In the early sixties, a group of women started the National Organization for Women (NOW). The intention was not to dismantle the prevailing male dominated system, but to open it up for women to be able to participate more on public and political levels. The main issues they focused on surrounded reproductive rights, domestic violence, maternity leave, equal pay and sexual harassment/violence. The question is, did their work cause a rift in the ultimate goal of fostering women’s lib and balance?   Opening doors Although NOW’s efforts led to many positive results, including equal pay, the right for women to initiate divorce, right of choice and access to birth control, right to own property, the Equal Rights Amendment, equal access to education, access to jobs other...

Manifesting Mr. Right

by Barbara Steingas, Inspirational Author/Speaker & Radiant Life Coach   On New Year’s Eve over thirty years ago, I inadvertently discovered the power of manifesting a perfect partner into my life. Prior to that I was just running on autopilot. I wasn’t steering my ship, so to speak. I was just hoping I would meet the right person to spend my life with.   Also, I was only looking at the superficial aspects of physical and emotional attraction, and not the bigger picture, like do we have the same goals and wants so that we may grow together in the same direction.   Beyond the Physical In the beginning of relationships, the aspects of physical attraction and lust take over and make us feel great. Once that initial phase wears off, whatever's left...

By recognizing abundance, you can calculate your piece of the prosperity pie

Abundance: There’s enough for everyone

By Barbara Steingas Most of us are brought up and taught to think there is lack in the universe, and that we aren’t deserving of abundance and prosperity, or that creating prosperity is reserved only for an elite few. For example, have your parents ever said, Money doesn’t grow on trees?” Or, “Do you think I’m made of money?” Or, “Save your pennies?” ​I heard these and other sayings repeatedly when I was a kid. My dad, especially, had lack issues with money.  I picked up on these beliefs, and as a result, have been self-sabotaging myself in the area of finances and prosperity despite making a good income as a physical therapist.   Strategies for creating prosperity Self-awareness and discovering the source of “lack” [caption id="attachment_5830" align="alignright" width="459"] Photo...

Release and renew is a great way to fall into spring

Spring cleaning at its finest—Release as a form of renewal

By Barbara Steingas Spring is a traditional time of year for renewal. It is also a time to branch out and expand again after the hibernating effects of the winter. In order to release and renew, we need to let go of what we no longer want to make room for what we do want. Just like the saying, “out with old and in with the new.”   Releasing the tangible Places to release and renew include physical items that are cluttering our homes, or are no longer something we need to cling onto. I always love to do a spring cleaning and reorganize to start fresh again for the season. My mom was visiting me through the holidays until her birthday near the end of February, so we...

our inner child reflects into adulthood

Looking in the mirror: All relationships reflect our relationship-with-self

The toughest and hardest relationship we will ever have in our lives is our relationship with self. The inner child that lives within has hurts and fears that dictate how we react and relate to others over the course of our lives. That which we dislike and have not embraced inside ourselves gets mirrored back to us by others we encounter. When we are upset by other people’s actions and words, we must look in the mirror to discover what we are not loving about ourselves.   Letting go of the past The more we let go of past hurts, not take things others do personally, forgive our faults and stop believing untruths about ourselves based on what others have told us, the better off we will be. When...

Adara's Hands by Sean David Wright

Shifting the patterns of time–Look for the positives

Featured image: Adara's Hands by Sean David Wright Regularly taking time for yourself, even with something as simple as a cup of tea, invites time to be more friend than foe. by Barbara Steingas Time is man-made illusion. It is relative to how we perceive it. I’m sure we have all experienced when minutes seem like hours when we’re waiting for, or anticipating something. Conversely, we have also all had time fly by when we were having fun or when we are busy. It’s our perspective that determines if time feels like a friend or a foe. We have the ability to choose and control how we feel about the passing of time. When I cram too many things in a time frame, then I feel pressured and stressed....


Get organized with Charla Dury

[caption id="attachment_4945" align="alignright" width="142"] Charla Dury[/caption] By Barbara Steingas Charla Dury’s life experiences led her toward clean organization early in her adult life.  Needing to stay afloat financially during challenging times as a teen parent, Charla turned to her mom, who had great organizational skills. Learning through experience provided the ability to see the big picture and create an organizational plan and detailed budget. Charla discovered she was able to get a lot done by implementing the organizational tools she put in place. Her friends and family noticed, too.  They admired what Charla was able to accomplish and she became their go-to person for advice in the area of personal organization and time management. They were so pleased with the results they experienced that that began to refer...

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