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June 2018

Mind KEY / 2018 / June
15 plucky superhero songs

15 songs for the plucky superhero in us all

By Theresa Birmingham   We all need to feel like a superhero sometimes. Since the stress of life relegates us to the role of sidekick so often, here’s a Spotify playlist, 15 Plucky Superhero Songs, that inspires you to shed the fear and stop being the sidekick in your own life. We hope these songs help you live fearlessly and find your inner superhero.   Top 15 plucky superhero songs   Eye of the Tiger by Survivor The Climb by Miley Cyrus Dare You to Move by Switchfoot It’s My Life by Bon Jovi Not Afraid by Eminem The Mountain by Dierks Bentley Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey Born to Fly by Sara Evans Brave by Sara Bareilles Heroes by David Bowie Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield Move Along by The...

getting back to the fearlessly bared summer body

What’s in your bikini?

By Danielle Rose   Originally published in the Suburban Trends by North Jersey Media Group, August 2013, but refurbished in light of the ongoing battle all women have with self-image, self-confidence and the yearly summer body bikini battle with the beach.   Buried in my bottom dresser drawer is a brand new bikini. I bought it at the beginning of the season—a sort of motivation to get into shape. Numbers on the scale notwithstanding, I’ve definitely slimmed down. I’ve been trying to eat healthier, stress less (if that’s possible), and work out more often.  Still, that bikini sits where it lay untouched. Wearing a bikini is a daring personal decision—one that was much easier when I was nine or ten…. Back when self-esteem was a word I scarcely understood; when lack...

chase adventure despite fearfulness

Living beyond fear

By Barbara Steingas   Living Fearlessly doesn't mean we have no fears; it means we chase adventure despite fearfulness. We all have a degree of fear. Living fearlessly is when we do things despite our fears. We can only move toward our goals and dreams by pushing through our fears, one layer at a time. Like peeling an onion.   Combating fear I've had to do this many times to make progress with the challenges in my life—personally and professionally. We each have different fears that hold us back based on our conditioning, especially during the first five or so years of our lives, usually before we can even remember. Yet, they are so ingrained and automatic that they have a strong impact on our day-to-day experiences. Once we...

experiential learning beats materialism

How I learned experience is more important than my fears

By Joseph Gonzalez   For millennials, experiential learning beats materialism. Studies show we don’t want material goods. We want experiences. We want something we can remember and pass down. However, chasing these experiences can be hard for those who get stuck in fear, worry, and anxiety. Ask a million people how to approach the idea of change, and you’ll get a million different answers. This doesn’t change that a lot people are set in their ways—taking chances is not a priority for many. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Some people prefer not to take chances, while others don’t know how to. I didn’t either. I also didn’t learn how until high school.   An unmemorable high school experience My high school career would not be remembered as a memorable one, due...

A positive outlook overrides fearfulness and allows you to embrace your curiosity and sense of courage

Facing fear: Inviting the universe to help

By Kathleen Santora A positive outlook overrides fearfulness A positive outlook overrides fearfulness and lets you be more open to joy rather than to anxiety or anger—the siblings of fear. In fact, bringing light into any situation, particularly one in which you find yourself most afraid, invites the universe to step in and help.   Do not walk away or ignore things that appear to be wrong with your life, but turn and face those things that bring fear and turn and look at oneself. It is only your own fears that we run from. Do not run, but meet yourself with light in your heart and you can conquer all your obstacles. Strength is not gathered from forgiving. Strength is gathered when you can go to a place beyond...

Foolery brings joy and you can let go of fear by embracing the ridiculous

Be fearless and embrace your second chances

Many of us spend life fearing ridicule and so we avoid the ridiculous when in reality, a little foolery brings joy. We need fun and challenges to move forward toward our dreams. However, we also need those moments of foolishness to let go and experience life in a new way—fearlessly. This article by Marisa Goudy delves into the idea that letting go of our fear and embracing who we are at the heart of us can bring about unexpected surprises.   Foolery brings joy: finding courage and taking chances   What if I… What if I missed my chance? What if I am leaving an important part of myself behind every time I entered a room? What if there are second chances?   It’s August of 2016. Before I arrived at Camp GLP, a...

Don’t be an avoidant destination junkie. Be present.

Conquer your fear of the present: a personal story

By Theresa Birmingham Confession: My name is Theresa, and I’ve been an avoidant destination junkie. I’ve spent most of my life seeking adventure after adventure, focused solely on the future. Because of this, I’ve struggled with situations where I must be present. But I’m kind of converted now. . . I still love to travel, of course. I’m still looking forward to the Sam Hunt concert I’m hitting at the end of the month. But my conversion isn’t about feeling or not feeling anticipation for the future. This recovery has been about understanding that the future is not the only thing that can bring me pleasure and joy. I need to be present, something I’ve struggled with for thirty-three years (yes, that’s my whole life).   Why I’ve avoided...

Fear unquestionably shapes growth and positive life changes--if you let it.

Good fears, bad fears, and your best self

By Shefaa Ramadan What is fear? Fear isn’t all bad; fear unquestionably shapes growth and many times in surprisingly positive ways. If we can learn to understand our fears and overcome the reaction we have to those fears, we can truly live a fearless life. Fear can be that little demon on our shoulders holding us back from personal growth and happiness. It has and will--when we give it the power to--stop us from allowing ourselves to experience the world in ways we wouldn't know possible. Fear is that intangible thing that influences our everyday lives. It may distort the mind or cloud the brain, and we as human beings are inundated with messages of fear all around us.   Fear unquestionably shapes growth I have found there are two...

Fearless friendships enrich everyday life and encourage us to embrace ourselves fully.

Built to last: The fearless life of a beautiful tribe

By Theresa Birmingham   Fearless friendships enrich everyday life and encourage us to embrace ourselves fully. In the very modified words of Jane Austen, “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that an individual in search of a tribe is inevitably seeking long-lasting relationships that enrich, excite, temper, and lift them up.” Fearless friendships are those we’ve cultivated from being ourselves, and not having to fear the judgments of others.   Overcoming relationship fears Where does our fear of relationships come from? Here are some common fears when it comes to relationships and furthering our tribe connections. The unknown  Sometimes, our fear is the result of newness. We don’t know where we stand with these new friendships we’re building. Instead, we tend to better understand who we are alone—our Netflix-loving, silent-hiking, solo-traveling,...

Living fearlessly successfully requires self-knowledge

Living Fearlessly: finding freedom from within

Contributing authors: Kimberly Marsh, Jonathan Dury, Danielle Rose, and Theresa Birmingham   Living fearlessly successfully requires finding freedom from within and understanding your strengths and weakness as well as your passions.   Outside your comfort zone Are you merely existing, going through your daily motions with apprehension and timidly? Or are you living boldly, abolishing fear and conquering life with an unquenchable thirst? To live fearlessly is to make commitments outside of your comfort zone, to seek out experiences that may scare you—and may also change you. How can you get to a place where you look fear in the face and boldly move forward? How can you work toward living life fearlessly and accomplishing things that help you grow? For the month of June, we’ll explore ways to do...

June unearths fearlessness

June Astrological Report: Finding courage

By Seshat Clairvoyant   Happy Summer days are almost here This month’s astrological forecast shows that June unearths fearlessness, and we embark on the journey of finding courage. The days are longer and warmer now, and the nights seem endless. It’s time to hit the waves, go sightseeing, and get active once again. Forget staying inside doing tedious work. Now is the time to travel and do all the fun things you have been daydreaming about on those long cold days and nights. Spring has also brought us rain, which kept us indoors. We have been stir crazy, and full of energy for those long-awaited summer days.   June unearths fearlessness All those daydreams are screaming to get things moving. As a result, you may be acting quite erratic—doing things out...

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