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February 2018

Mind KEY / 2018 / February
Gain perspective and refocus your lens

Gain Perspective through Healthy Patterns

by Theresa Birmingham One of the most difficult skills in life is the ability to gain perspective and to not only gain it, but to hold on to that hard-earned skill. Basically, just like anything else in life, perspective is not a once-in-a-life “Oh, I’ve got it” type experience. In order to truly gain perspective, one must understand that each day is a gamble, and we choose how we will react, how we will understand, and how we will move forward in a given situation.   Triggers We’ve learned that sometimes those flaws we see in others are actually flaws that are within ourselves. When we change our perspective, we can understand that everyone has a path. With this understanding, we often find that our judgments are many times...

Power is neutral: How perspective changes perception

by Kathleen Santora Saka's message shows us that power is neutral and how  perspective can change perception. In this channeled lesson, Saka explains how to shift your perspective on why uncomfortable situations occur. Through his words, we can reclaim our power and use that power for the greater good. When negative things happen, it isn’t always a result of negativity. Instead, it is often a result of how we direct our power. And our power is inherently neutral. In this message, Saka is explaining what we think causes illness or negative acts. He goes on to explain how we feel pain and how that causes us to think we have an illness. He instructs us on what is happening but also why and how to recognize what goes on...

One tip for overcoming heartbreak is to sing and dance the hurt away

Three tips for overcoming heartbreak, fast

by Danielle Rose Heartbreak hurts! Overcoming heartbreak hurts more. Sometimes gaining the perspective you need to move past your ex isn’t so simple. It can be so easy to want to ignore the pain, the hurt, to forget that part of your life as if it didn’t exist. Sometimes we make bad choices when our hearts are broken because it feels better to do something that feels good in the moment, rather than feel the hurt for one second longer. However, clearing the hurt rather than shoving it down will help you grow into the person you’re meant to be so that you can find the partner meant for you. Here, we offer our three best tips that you can use right now for overcoming heartbreak...

Nothing like a good challenge to shift your view of life

By Barbara Steingas We all need challenges to help us grow and expand our thoughts and beliefs. We tend to get caught up in limiting perspectives in life and can remain victims of our circumstances. When faced with tumultuous situations, we have an opportunity to see things in a new and different light. Challenging perspectives can change what we previously thought was impossible, to possible. Challenging perspectives, and expansion of thought This is what happened to me when I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease and was told my condition was incurable. Initially, I believed this to be fact. Then I was faced with a crossroads decision: my doctor wanted to put me on an immunosuppressive drug. He advised that the medicine would shut off my defense mechanisms, and I...

College fosters a perspective of self-expression essential for adulthood

By Joseph Gonzalez Many see college as a step to the next part of their lives towards adulthood. And it is. But college is also a new world that broadens our experience of the world. The shift from a sheltered life to a broadened college perspective can prepare you for true self-expression and for career and life in a way that classes alone cannot. My college perspective I came from a house that didn’t 100% shelter me but which also didn’t encourage me to socialize either. In my middle school and high school years, I was content with playing video games all day, and not going out with friends. it’s safe to say my social skills weren’t up to par with others at that point. When I got to...

Can our triggers help change our perspective of self?

In this fantastic repost by Kyla Rose Maher of Long Time Sun Yoga and Apparel, we are encouraged to look at those qualities we don’t necessarily appreciate in others and to see how they manifest in ourselves. On a bad day, this powerful self-practice has the potential to trigger us. Even the best of us may find ourselves in a frenzy of self-doubt. We suddenly realize those things that trigger us may, in fact, be a quality we have. On a good day, this practice can help us recognize our “worst” qualities are often, surprisingly, our best ones. This facilitates both self-compassion and a deeper compassion for others.    By Kyla Rose Maher Wait a second, am I arrogant? During October, my boyfriend and I were visiting New York...

Kely Luzio-Cardona

God’s Greatest Gifts Are Unanswered Prayers: How perspective changes everything

by Vera Remes What is your perspective on the New Year? Are you feeling positive, or are you needing to find a positive perspective for a seemingly negative situation?  Even if you are welcoming the opportunity to improve in 2018, are you feeling that 2017 was less than satisfying? Have you made a resolution for 2018 that reads well but seems unreachable?  Perhaps you are being affected by the winter blues. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is real, even if I myself have trouble understanding it. I welcome the short, darker days of winter as a change from the longer sunbaked days of summer. For me, snow and freezing temperatures as a cleanser for the earth to get it ready for spring. I want to live where...

February: The month of knowledge, revelation, and the Chinese New Year

By Seshat Clairvoyant Blessings to everyone. I hope January was an easy month for you, but now here we are in February wondering what the hell just happened. We had two full moons last month, which brought up many emotional blockages, as well as the purging of these emotions. Our desires seemed to take center stage. It felt like an erratic month, but this was only to prepare you for the month to come.   Where’s the full moon, February? February does not bring us a full moon because we had two of them in January. We experienced one January full moon in Cancer and the second one in Leo. January really cemented the year before and made us realize a lot of things. We had to...

Change your perspective and tackle the season

  by Theresa Birmingham The holidays are over. January is past. All your pesky resolutions are either in play or in the gutter. So, how has your perspective changed? Now that you have some perspective on the new year, is it shaping up to be different than previous years? Or have you found yourself in the rut of bad habits you struggle in shedding? This month we will discuss how when you change your perspective you can change your life. As we move into the short but cold month of February, The Daily Key will be examining how Perspective can open new pathways of healing, help us survive the winter, and better love yourself. We’ll also be looking at everything from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) to reexamining our...

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