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January 2018

Mind KEY / 2018 / January

Sometimes gratitude means nothing: The art of non-gratitude

Is it okay to experience non-gratitude? After a life-changing experience, tragedy, or diagnosis, people often comment on what they’ve learned and the good that came out of the experience. Do people go through hard times in order to gain a lesson? Is there always a purpose to trials? For Jessica McWhirt, that was not the case. In a very scary season of her life, she discovered that sometimes things are just hard — and there’s no need to be grateful for them.   By Jessica McWhirt Non-gratitude is an art. I was eighteen. It was the size of a bean. And that bean-sized thing meant nothing to me.   This was the beginning of how I came to understand the art of non-gratitude. People always discuss how grateful they were for something awful happening to...

Peace and gratitude

Meditation for peace and gratitude

By Kathleen Santora I received this meditation for peace and gratitude after I was in a major car accident many years ago.  While meditating to heal myself, I saw my friends in Lilydale, all sitting in a circle and sending me light and healing, this was what was given to me. I hope it helps regenerate you as well.   Peace and Gratitude Meditation   Someone has prayed for me My brother has taken to a place in the heavens Where I could not have gone alone My brother has taken my soul in his heart And held it there in gentle loving light Returning it to me in healing He has shown me the purest love Has given me the purest of light In that returned my spirit to me in perfection In honor I return all love All light In...

Big companies give back: Primal gives back to the Cycling Community

By Jessica McWhirt When big companies give back with a product that is a cut above the rest, they make huge strides in changing the way the world works. Primal is a cycling clothing company that offers an opportunity for businesses that have a greater vision. These businesses want to make a larger impact on the world. Mind Key is truly grateful for companies such as Primal, which strive to bring people together and make a difference in a tangible way.   Primal’s give-back program Primal offers organizations a chance to take part in their Primal Gives Back program. Through this program, Primal donates 15% of the money made through clothing sales back to participating organizations. For example, anytime someone buys a product through Primal for say, the American Heart...

Personal Story: Finding Gratitude in Divorce

It can be difficult finding gratitude in divorce, and peace and confidence are hard to come by during the challenging seasons of life.With nearly half of all first-time marriages ending in divorce, this topic is one many are personally affected by. For Danielle, her preconceived notions about marriage and divorce brought personal judgment and feelings of guilt; however, she was able to gain support, confidence, and a new outlook on life after finding gratitude for divorce.   By Danielle B. Long before finding gratitude in divorce, I was a 26-year-old newlywed. On my honeymoon, I got pregnant. My husband and I worked opposite shifts when we were first married and did not spend a lot of quality time together. I was sleeping while he was at work and he was sleeping...

gratitude tea meditation

Gratitude and your cup of tea: bringing in abundance, gratitude and peace

Jessica Filkins is a health coach and owner of Jahmu Chai, a healing turmeric ginger tea. Each month, she shares a tea meditation that can be done quickly and easily during your morning cup of coffee or tea to bring more peace, abundance, joy and healing into all areas of your life. As we look forward into 2018, this gratitude tea meditation helps us recognize all that’s come before to bring us to this place, so we can continue to grow forward.   By Jessica Filkins A daily meditation practice can increase your happiness, hone your focus and improve your health. Despite the growing body of scientific research on the benefits of meditation and mindfulness practices, most Americans do not incorporate meditation into their daily lives. However, most...

Life after heartbreak: From a bleak diagnosis to a miracle network of friendship

There is hope for life after heartbreak. Mind Key's New Jersey editor, Kelly Rockey, tells her personal story of turning heartbreaking news into a great story of love, friendship and fresh perspectives. When Kelly discovered her son was blind because of a genetic retinal disorder called Lebers Congenital Amaurosis (LCA), she found a support system of parents who had walked this road before. This support system soon became Kelly's best friends, and lifeline during difficult times, instilling in her gratitude and appreciation for things that may initially seem like bad news. We hope that these incredible stories of gratitude and growth during difficult times will help others see that there is hope for a better life after heartbreak.   By Kelly Rockey The best Christmas gift At the very end...

Practicing gratitude as a way to heal, grow and manifest

By Oneyda Salazar As doable as it may seem to practice gratitude, it can be difficult to instill in your day-to-day life. The word gratitude is considered a noun because the intent behind the word is to be in that state of mind. In order to show gratitude, one must apply it as an action. You can't simply be "grateful" without incorporating gratitude into your behavior. Once you practice gratitude more regularly, you will notice how much you appreciate a lot of things in life. This includes very negative moments, sometimes also known as lessons...

January: The Month of Emotional Perspective

By: Seshat Clairvoyant Happy New Year to all! Hopefully you all have survived the holidays and are now setting intentions for the new year. 2017 was a year to remember with lots of ups and downs. Lots of lessons were learned that might have shifted your perspective in certain things. In our January astrological report, you'll discover that 2018 will also be a year to remember. What to expect in 2018 In numerology, the year 2018 adds up to the number 11. This is a master number that highlights spirituality, enlightenment, psychic awareness and heightened intuition. However, it also highlights high levels of anxiety, Happy New Year to all! Hopefully you all have survived the holidays and are now setting intentions for the new year. 2017 was a...

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