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December 2017

Mind KEY / 2017 / December

Tea Meditation: Embracing the Power of Choice

By Jessica Filkins With the ebbs and flows of life, there are times when we feel overwhelmed and perhaps even a little out of touch. This could be in a big way or small way, and can last a few moments or much longer. Being truthful with ourselves about what we are feeling and what we truly need in order to right our internal vibrations is of the utmost importance. This is especially true around the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Taking a moment to look inward in order to make the right choices will serve us well and allow us to give goodness to those around us. As human beings, we have the power to choose. Some decisions are BIG and some are small,...


A channeled lesson on unifying and peaceful vibration

By Kathleen Santora It is the lack of spiritual unification that allows the chaotic world to be. Understanding one's power of light within for the removal of all darkness interrupts wrong-minded projections, leading to extension of light thoughts, having a positive effect on an energetic level. Moving towards peaceful vibration throughout the universal realm of thought amongst the earth's atmosphere. ...

Is intention enough to heal?

By Vera Remes Some time ago, I stumbled across a website called the Healer's Bible, which speaks in part to therapeutic intention. This website me to an abstract of the 2000 research article by William F. Bengston and David Krinsley, The Effect of the "Laying on of Hands" on Transplanted Breast Cancer in Mice. This idea of laying on of hands brings the vibration of therapeutic intention into a physical expression. It's a great article and I encourage you to read it, but if you don't, just know this: it cited an 87.9% cure rate for cancer in the mice who received laying on of hands. If that's true, what could it mean for humans? Control group cures Untreated control group mice went into remission. If anyone who knew...

Learning the vibration of the chakra system

By Barbara Steingas As mentioned in yesterday's article, A Guide to Chakras and Vibrational Energy, our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies resonate with wheels of color and energy known as the chakra system.  Since colors have different vibrational wavelengths and frequencies, we can use these frequencies to put our bodies and psyches back into alignment. Below, I've outlined the major chakras of the body, where the energy of that chakra is located, and the frequency, or sound, that each chakra vibrates at. By becoming comfortable with chakra vibration, we can effectively place our bodies back into alignment quickly and easily. The Chakra Vibration and sounds The root chakra: Lam The Root is the first chakra, is associated with the color red and has the vibrational sound of “Lam.” It...

A Guide to Chakras and Vibrational Energy

By Barbara Steingas There is a line from a 1960s song by Crosby, Stills & Nash that says, "We are stardust." That is basically true because everything in the universe is made up of the same matter, but at a different vibrational energy level. We are an electrical circuit, similar to the power grid that lights up our homes. Just as that system has transformers (its main energy hubs), we also have energy hubs called chakras. In the ancient language of Sanskrit, the word Chakra means spinning wheels of energy. In other words, our energy centers, are chakra vibrational energy. Understanding the chakra system Initially, I discovered the chakra system in yoga class. Having been healed from an incurable disease, the concept of the chakras intrigued me. We...

Exercise: It’s not just movement, it’s vibration

Ian Rose--Mind Key intern and Senior at the University of Rhode Island Vibrations are a complex phenomenon that cannot be easily defined. When giving or receiving  positive vibrations, you'll certainly know. The same is true with negative energy. Much debate focuses on how one can improve these energies and cultivate positive vibrations into the greater world. Physical activity in the natural world is directly linked to the raising and tempering of our vibrational frequency, which makes raising your vibration with sports a great option for those who want to cultivate good vibes in a very real and comfortable way. Starting with the simple things, the ones that bring you the most enjoyment, is the easiest path to expressing positive vibes. For many, the best way to begin...

ultrablue, a story of success by Eric Bunk

Music Knows No Timeframe: Meet Eric Bunk

PROFILE OF SUCCESS Each month, Mind Key shares the story of one person who is successfully striving for, or has achieved, the life they were meant to live. We love sharing stories of adventure, life lessons and people who took life by the horns and forged ahead. We're excited to introduce you to Eric Bunk, a musician from West Milford, NJ who recently raised his vibration and released a meaningful song he wrote more than 20 years ago, making Ultrablue, a story of success. Tell us about what you're doing and your life path. My life path is really just to try to get the most out of life. Music helps me express some of the energy I have stored up over time.  I work a regular job,...

Music is more than a pastime: it’s medicinal

by J.T. Nash, a Fall 2016 graduate of William Paterson University, NJ In a modern society, consumed by psychiatric appointments and psychoactive medications, it is essential to realize that a mere choice of song can provide a sufficient therapeutic effect to remedy some of our psychological afflictions. Music: The vibration of humanity Parents traditionally play classical music for their children to absorb while sleeping--music is a vital element of humanity, serving as a catalyst for our behavior. Due to the profound, impassioned influence that symphonic stimulation supplies, most cultures of the world use music to improve moods, deliver focus, or lull a person into a meditative state. "Music lets you rediscover your humanity, and your connection to humanity," musical icon Moby states in an interview with Thought Economics. In...

Are you reacting or responding?

INTRO: Eleanora Amendolara dives into the difference between reacting and responding to help you bring a peaceful grasp on each situation you find yourself in. How can you mindfully approach things that seem thrown at you, ensuring to first take care of yourself and your unique process of writing your own song?  Reacting or responding: How to master the two By Eleanora Amendolara If I had one wish for you, it would be that you would find the tools and concepts to write your own song. It all begins with how you receive input from the world around you. Do you know the difference between emotions and feelings? Are you able to recognize when you are reacting and when you are responding to a situation? Both emotions and reactions are...

Make the most of December’s astrological vibrations

 By Seshat Ixchel A note to December Hello, December; you are here at last. We have all been dreading but yet waiting for your return. The year came and went while spinning us out of control and taking so much from us. We are drained but yet hopeful. Who would have thought 2017, the year of manifestation and the fire rooster, would be so catastrophic. So many bridges burned. So many collapsed. So many people screamed in agony, but yet we still stand. Our December astrological report, proves that despite the craziness of 2017, we will in fact finish the year on a high vibrational note! There is hope for high spirits this holiday, despite the at-times overwhelming stress of the season. December Supermoon On December 3rd we will...

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