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December 2016

Mind KEY / 2016 / December

Connecting in December with Mind Key – Wrap Up

As 2016 winds down and December ends, we’d like to reflect on the month’s theme of connection. We've spotlighted several people and many services that can help you feel more connected to the world. No matter if it's loved ones, friends or strangers.  We focused on topics that bring deeper meaning to feeling united during a divisive season. We encourage our readers and members to use their unique gifts to inspire and give back to others. [caption id="attachment_5079" align="alignleft" width="200"] Once Upon a Time[/caption] Featured subthemes related to connection have included: trusting one’s intuition and sharing resources to facilitate growth and healing. Mind Key always plays a role, connecting you to services and products. We began the month by announcing the launch of our new Etsy store.  You...


5 ways to rock your year for real this time

Mind Key affiliate, Taraleigh Weathers, from the amazing TaraLeighLovesYou and leader of the Rock Your Life movement is doling out tips on making 2017 your best year yet.  Mind Key is all about your success. Following TaraLeigh's insightful tips and even signing up for her Rock Your Year Program can be the catalyst for your accomplishing your goals.  Her three-week intention-setting and action-taking guided course can help you take 2017 by the unicorn horn! ************************************************************************************** Do you want to have the most magical and amazing year ever? Are you ready rock some goals and take a gander into something amazing and fulfilling? [caption id="attachment_5161" align="alignright" width="526"] TaraLeigh is a dreamer[/caption]   It takes focus, action, perseverance, support and a little magic. It might not always be rainbows and unicorns, but I know you have what it takes....


Reflections of 2016 – The Mind Key Community

[caption id="attachment_5168" align="alignright" width="225"] Photo of the Rhode Island sunset courtesy of Carlie Currier[/caption] The Mind Key Project has been blessed to receive so much light and energy from our community of members, readers and practitioners this year as we built a platform for health, wellness and happiness that may just change the world. What a ride 2016 has been!  If your journey has been anything like ours (and I know most of yours have been), it’s been a year of struggle, strife, and incredible growth.  Rest assured, even if you don’t see the personal growth you’ve undergone, it’s there! Members of our community have shared their reflections of the past year, and their vision of growth.  We hope that, based on our posts on the importance of...

Why you should reflect on 2016

[caption id="attachment_5127" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Photo courtesy of Carlie Currier[/caption] By Rebecca Pall After a momentous occasion, one may stop and think about the events that have transpired and how their life has been altered.  With December bringing the year to a close, one of the most important things that one can do is look back at the year behind them and think about the good and bad that has happened, as well as how they have changed as a result, and what they might have done differently.  Time dedicated to reflection is important, and can add a lot to future life events. Jo Ayoubi, an expert in productivity, gives her insight on why reflection is so important. “Reflection can take many forms and encompass many activities,” Jo said....


Reflection as a tool for perspective

[caption id="attachment_5123" align="alignright" width="300"] Photo courtesy of Carlie Currier[/caption] I love words that can have more than one meaning.  Those words give my card readings multi-layered nuances.  For instance, when I read Shaman Oracle Cards for a client, there’s one card called “Shaman of Reflection.” I decide how to interpret it when I look at it and my client together. I'll get a certain feeling.  Sometimes I know that it means thinking hard about something, pondering, considering an action and the consequences.  Other times I just know it means seeing a reflection of yourself in something else, someone else, or taking a good look within ourselves and at our actions.  Similarly, when I was asked to write about “reflection” this month I debated which tract to...

give a child a flower

The true meaning of Santa Claus – Giving

[caption id="attachment_5147" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Photo courtesy of[/caption] In this age of commercialization, how do we teach our kids the true meaning of Christmas? Perhaps you’re a parent who is considering telling your children the truth about Santa this year. This can be a tricky subject, especially when determining the appropriate age. In an article by Good Housekeeping, Caroline Picard describes a story about a parent who tells her child that Santa Claus exists in all of us, and it’s their time to become “a Santa” by giving an anonymous gift to someone they love, teaching the lesson of unselfish giving. “In our family, we have a special way of transitioning the kids from receiving from Santa to becoming a Santa. This way, the Santa construct is not a lie...

Giving back all year long – Stories of Altruism

[caption id="attachment_5156" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Giving back with the Mind Key Community[/caption] We see need everywhere.  On the news every day we see stories of adults and children struggling to make a living, to feed their families and especially around this time of year, to provide a good holiday season.  The holidays are about children, and kids aren’t blind to the need around them--it’s important for them to see it. Studies, such as those published in PLOS and Psychological Science, and Development Psychology have shown that giving to others is our natural human state. What’s more, a study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows that helping others has been proven to improve health and longevity. Social Science and Medicine published a study showing that...

Book by Barbara Steingas

Radiance Coaching with Barbara Steingas

From inspirational author and speaker to radiant life coach and reiki healer, Barbara Steingas incorporates her own life experiences in all she does. Barbara’s battle with, and eventual triumph over, Crohn’s disease, an immune disorder of the intestinal tract, revealed the optimal path for her own health by utilizing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual strategies. Barbara believes life path involves  sharing those strategies with her clients.     Barbara’s inspirational self-help books include; Solving the Crohn’s and Colitis Puzzle, The Healing Puzzle and Germans are Funny, Too!  Her one-on-one coaching sessions mirror the tips and tricks from her books, leading her clients down their own paths toward enlightenment.  Depending on the session, Barbara can also perform reiki healing and crystal chakra balancing, an intuitive transfer of healing energy....

Rhode Island shore

A local’s guide to gift giving–Rhode Island

Mind Key Rhode Island (Rhody) is growing as fast as The Mind Key Project itself!  In one of my many articles for the Newport Daily News, I was asked to write a story describing all I want from Aquidneck Island, the heart of Mind Key Rhody. We hope those of you in our local community support these local businesses this season as well.  For those of our readers who don’t live here, consider this an opportunity to visit someplace new (let Danielle be your tour guide--email me to learn how), or to pick up some of the global services these business offer online. [caption id="attachment_5115" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Photo courtesy of Dave Hansen, Newport Daily News[/caption] The ocean has always called to me, so last December I finally...

Get organized with Charla Dury

[caption id="attachment_4945" align="alignright" width="142"] Charla Dury[/caption] By Barbara Steingas Charla Dury’s life experiences led her toward clean organization early in her adult life.  Needing to stay afloat financially during challenging times as a teen parent, Charla turned to her mom, who had great organizational skills. Learning through experience provided the ability to see the big picture and create an organizational plan and detailed budget. Charla discovered she was able to get a lot done by implementing the organizational tools she put in place. Her friends and family noticed, too.  They admired what Charla was able to accomplish and she became their go-to person for advice in the area of personal organization and time management. They were so pleased with the results they experienced that that began to refer...

The symbols in our dreams, with Jefferson Harman

[caption id="attachment_5068" align="alignright" width="153"] Jefferson Harman[/caption] Jefferson Harman started interpreting his own dreams as a young child. Over time, he came to learn a universal symbolic language which applies to any aspect of life, waking or dreaming. This is when he began to read the symbols present in others’ lives. Through this interpretation, he is able to help others identify specific challenges and how to overcome them. For the past six years, Harman has been interpreting dreams live on the air on “Life Unedited” on WCHE Radio 1520 AM. He also has internet TV show called “Dreaming With…” on, in which he interprets for a variety of artists, writers, and entertainers at the Algonquin Hotel in New York City. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="960"] image by Kennedy Shenberg[/caption] Looking...

Elisabeth Ladwig on Science, Nature and Magic

Elisabeth Ladwig works in the medium of conceptual photography, or a photographic artist. Her artwork, often mistaken for paintings, are created from original photographs. Elisabeth began [caption id="attachment_4959" align="alignright" width="200"] When Life Hands you Lemons[/caption] as a graphic designer then later merged her career with her interest in collage art. The subject matter is a manifestation of her interpretations of the world through both observation and study. “Since childhood, I have pretty much synonymized science, nature, and magic,” Elisabeth said. “But what I noticed early on is that, out in society, all the mystery seems to get stripped away once we've found a hard algorithm for something. This always made me sad. I want to view the world with fascination and wonder, so my hope is that my art...

Great American Novel Package–Meet the editors

Yesterday's Great American Novel Package post talked about the services the package can provide.  Today, we want to tell you about all of the resources we have to support your journey. [caption id="attachment_4946" align="alignnone" width="154"] Danielle Rose, story editor and novel coach[/caption] Danielle is a long-time author and journalist.  She has edited several large-scale, and many small-scale publications, and has completely compiled the Mind Key Anthologies of art and writing (  She has the experience and dedication needed to provide feedback for nonfiction work, as well as a passion for characters, and for weaving stories that reflect current social and philosophical issues. She will focus on not only your story, but your sentence structure, your organization and chronology, as well as the emotional aspect of your characters,...

Great American Novel Package

Are you a writer who has written a book? A series of published or publishable essays?  Maybe you have just finished yet another year of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) this November.   In today’s day and age, a book is not a project to be completed alone.  Long gone are the days when a finished, or partly finished, book could be sent to an editor or an agent. Today, the publishing industry has become more discerning. Whether in the realm of fiction or nonfiction, the industry expects a clean, well-thought out, deeply woven manuscript with marketing potential, and an author driven to make sales. Those who choose to self-publish are not exempt from these rules. Before any manuscript can be given consideration for publication it must...

Mind Key Etsy store NOW OPEN!!

It’s with much excitement that I’m proud to announce the newest addition to Mind Key. We now have our own Etsy store! Mind Key Etsy was created to offer our artists the ability to showcase and sell their work. Also, it provides our community and readers (you!) handmade, quality crafted products made with the intention to inspire, sustain, and encourage you to be your happiest, healthiest self. Our store offers a variety of different items guaranteed to raise your vibration. First, it offers several collage-inspired pendants with some inspirational words and phrases. For example, here is the “Let Go collage pendant”.This one of a kind, handmade item is priced at complete with an intricate flower, butterfly, and old postcard design ($20.00)If you’re interested in this style, be...


December Issue: Connection

[caption id="attachment_4933" align="alignleft" width="241"] Photo courtesy of JoAnna Schillaci[/caption] This month's theme is connection.  We're going to talk about about how we work together as a community to remain connected--how we connect with others, with those we love, with the world around us. The holidays are a time when we work so hard toward a sense of connection while at the same time often feeling completely disconnected. As your resource for everything health and happiness, Mind Key believes that the idea of connection, whether to each other, to spirit, or to ourselves, is essential. That’s why we’ve devoted this month to spotlighting members of our community that offer resources via products and services that promote all forms of connection. As you peruse this month’s spotlights, utilize your...

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