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Helping spirits–White Raven Investigates our relationship with the Paranormal

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There’s a new team in town- White Raven Investigations of the Paranormal team, that is Encaustic Wax Painting "White Raven" by Jennifer A. Creech

Helping spirits–White Raven Investigates our relationship with the Paranormal

by Vera Remes

As a shamanic practitioner, I have become familiar with the concept of “helping spirits”–those known to assist humanity. I have come to depend on them when I am involved with healings specifically.  But there is a yin to this yang.  Opposing the helping spirits are troublesome entities that can create havoc, sometimes referred to in shamanism as “akura.”   This is where spiritual investigations come into play.

Whether a healing or a haunting, these negative spirits exist and can affect the living in many physical or spiritual ways.  We each have our guides and helping spirits who, just like us, are stronger together than apart.  When navigating them, it’s best to evaluate your relationship to yourself and youPA license plate of spiritual investigationsr surroundings, and then call in help.

What the world needs now is definitely not another paranormal research group. However, driving around with a license plate that announces I ghost hunt has introduced me to people with questions and problems.  I decided to gather a few close friends to help me help them.


Why White Raven?

I’ve long been attracted to Raven as part of my shamanic practice. Throughout Alaska, indigenous tribes tell the legends of how the Raven, who in the beginning was white, turned black in the process of bringing light to humanity. It is said that Raven had so much compassion for mankind that he sacrificed a part of himself, forgetting who he really was and accepting the shadow of darkness. The legend also says that one day, after a long period of darkness, mankind will awaken, reconnect with spirituality and, when this happens, Raven will turn white once more.

In the last several years, there have been sightings in Alaska of ravens whose feathers are turning white. The time of enlightenment is coming. By taking the name White Raven, this team shows our commitment to bringing spirituality to all our investigations.

I have watched all the ghost hunting shows, and it seems if it’s not negative then there’s no interest.  These teams push the limits, wanting to be pushed, touched or even hurt by spirits  Makes for good TV, I guess. White Raven wants to do the opposite, and understand and calm down the issues.


Meet the Team

White Raven spiritual investigation team

The members of White Raven Investigations of the Paranormal are intuitive and most of all, spiritual.  That’s not religion.  It’s deeper.  We want to help the living cope with, or clear, unwelcome hauntings through our spiritual investigations.  Understanding what is happening gives you power over your environment. We have all known each other for over fifteen years and trust each other, each bringing a certain skill set to the group.

Lee Ann Wolak


Lee Ann is clairaudient and can feel a spirit’s pain at the time of death.  I won’t let  anything in my aura, but she has the ability to control it. This provides clients with verification that her messages are accurate and/or confirm the identity of the spirit being contacted. For example, during a recent investigation, as she was channeling the spirit of client’s deceased mother, she kept saying her right eye hurt and that she was having trouble breathing.  The client then told us that although her mother died of a cardiac issue, she had suffered a black eye at the time she died—hence Lee Ann’s pain in right eye.  She could not have known that.

Sandy Roberto


Sandy is one of the most spiritual people I know.  She’s sensitive to energy changes and intuitively knows when spirits are around.  She once told me that an entity tried to scare her when she was asleep.  When she realized that it was feeding on her fear, she confronted it, let go of all her fear, and has not been bothered since.  Obviously, nothing scares her.



Ruth Amarante


Ruth once had a negative attachment that stayed with her for months in the form of a sharp pain in the back.  We can go over how she acquired this attachment but that’s a story for another day. Several of us tried to help her, providing only temporary results.  After a particularly difficult  investigation, her pain disappeared completely.   A pleasant surprise, but we think it met the negative entities at that location and decided to stay—a reminder that on these popular ghost tours at prisons and asylums you may encounter spirits that not only inhabit the location, but have been dropped off by the people who attend the tours.


Dave Remes

Dave Remes of White Raven

And then there’s Dave, my husband.  He is  our comic relief and a very intuitive investigator.  When we were first married, I came home hysterical that I had seen a UFO up the street.  He calmly looked at me and asked, “What did they say?”  He brings a calmness and humor to whatever we do.




How spiritual investigations work

We are a small group of spiritually minded sensitives who, although trained in paranormal and spiritual investigations technique, are also here to help our clients with whatever spiritual plan of action they want to pursue in reference to their needs.  Some of our methods  run contrary to what is usually thought to be the norm for ghost hunting. One thing, is certain: when we are on an investigation we work as one and always watch each other’s backs. It can be no other way.  Our relationship makes us stronger together, than apart.
We are here to help if you have a problem, and to teach if you are interested in learning.  We are here to guide you if you wish to expand your abilities.  Visit and click on White Raven Paranormal to learn more and contact us.  There is also a button to press to access a Pre Investigation Questionnaire.  If you having a problem, press button, download form, fill it out and email back.  I’ll get back to you ASAP.  For any other questions, or to schedule a consult, go to the Contact section and let me know.

Vera Remes

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