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Where Shamans negotiate with the gods

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Where Shamans negotiate with the gods

Vera Remes
As the founder of and practitioner with Raven Reiki, Vera Remes offers Usui Reiki with nuances of Shamanism and psychic intuition.  She also offers Shaman Oracle and Angel Card readings and is a certified H3 Energy Healing Therapist.  Vera’s column will focus on the many aspects of Shamanism.
For a long time I didn’t feel comfortable cruising the Upper World. I resonated with animals and the earthy feel of the Lower World and was comfortable there. Many of my friends were exactly the opposite, identifying with angels and shunning the Lower World. Having been forced in a recent Shamanic seminar to repeatedly journey to the Upper World, I found it compelling and a source of great wisdom. I encourage everyone to journey to the Upper World, the place where we can access the future and, with our Teachers and Guides, find healings. It has been said the Upper World is where the Shaman negotiates with the gods.
The tambourines of the upper and lower worlds

Shamanic practitioners are called upon by clients frequently to journey to non ordinary reality, the Upper and Lower Worlds, to obtain healings and spiritual wisdom and guidance in answer to their client’s questions. But anyone can do this for themselves, with some guidance. After completing the Michael Harner Method Shamanic Counseling Training Program, I trained several clients, unfamiliar with the journeying process, to make their own shamanic journeys of divination to non ordinary reality (Upper and Lower Worlds), where they personally obtained direct spiritual wisdom and guidance in answer to their questions – basically cutting out the middle man – me. The results were startling, some clients moved to tears. In my last blog about Spirit Animal Guides, I said I believed that traveling to the Lower World and identifying with a Spirit Animal should not stop you from resonating with Guardian Angels, Ascended Masters or Spiritual Teachers who are usually accessed in the Upper World, a bright and heavenly world of cosmic beings that appear in human, mythical or angelic form as our Teachers. But, no hard and fast rules here, occasionally you will find a Spirit Animal in the Upper World or access a Teacher in the Lower World. The realms are all linked. Everything is connected. Except that the Upper World will feel totally different than the Lower World. Not nearly as earthy or practical.

The process:
In a journey to the Upper World, we travel upwards from a familiar place here in ordinary reality. I get there by imagining I am climbing the pine tree growing next to my meditation bench and hitching a ride on raven.  As you ascend, you travel through a membrane which can appear like a cotton wool cloud. We are not limited to one Teacher per person either. During a recent journey to the Upper World to ask my Teacher a question concerning my health I was met with someone I did not recognize. Apparently my usual Teacher was on vacation and a beautiful young woman who I realized later was Archangel Jophiel, met me and took me on a tour of a garden to answer my question. I won’t go over the half hour of meditation but Jophiel showed me flower essences to help with pain.
I tried to find meditations readily available on line to help find your Teacher. This proved difficult. The audios and videos I found were not well done. So nothing I will recommend. However, there’s a lot written about how to do it if you wish to try. I help clients during a Shaman Oracle Card reading access their Spirit Animal with a deck of divination cards. I can help clients access their Teachers through the use of similar divination tools. Doreen Virtue’s Ascended Masters Deck and her various Angel and Archangel decks work really well. Shamanic Counseling can empower anyone to explore both Upper and Lower Worlds. Barring the constraints of distance, I can make myself available to anyone interested to learning this technique. Sharing this knowledge is a privilege.
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