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When you have the right pieces, you can heal yourself

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When you have the right pieces, you can heal yourself


            Whatever created us – some call it God, some call it universal creative energy – either way we are pretty miraculous beings and I believe we were created to be basically healthy in mind, emotions, body and spirit. However, our human experience gets us off track and misshapes us. Then we start believing the illusions that we are flawed, not worthy or deserving, etc. to have health, happiness, joy, love and prosperous to name a few things. Maybe we allow ourselves success in one area, but usually never all of them. To quote a Seinfeld episode, we don’t think we can have the this, the that and the other.
                However, if we choose to do so, we have the opportunity to find our way back to our true state. It gives us something to strive for and accomplish in our lives when we to take on the hero or heroine journey. It’s so much easier to slide down the slippery slope of negativity, dis-ease and illness so to speak and wallow in the mud with the masses than it is to climb the mountain of success. It can be a more difficult and lonelier journey, and sometimes we allow ourselves to slide back or get pulled back down, but from my own experience of ultimately finding my way back to health, it is so worth it to reach the pinnacle of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual goals.
                We have the means within us to heal, we just need to give our bodies, mind, emotions, and spirit the right tools and environment so that it can happen naturally. In the broad sense (I don’t have the ability to go into the details here due to space constraints), physically it requires an alkaline state which means ingesting natural food and beverages limiting processing and toxic chemicals (both artificial & natural). Mentally and emotionally it requires overall positive thinking and being in touch with your emotions- we need to feel them and then release them, not stuff them down inside to fester and grow.  Spiritually we need to be in touch with something bigger than ourselves and feel love for as much as we can for the other people, nature and animals around us for ultimately we are all connected and created from the same place. This will give us peace and lesson our stress and judgments.
                If we get enough of our mind, emotional, body and spiritual pieces put together, we will discover our own inner healer. We can receive help and assist along the way from people and things that have useful strategies. Ultimately though, it is up to us to stop sabotaging ourselves and believe that it is possible. I made such a decision when I was told by the doctors that they wanted to give me an immunosuppressive drug that could put me at risk to catch a cold that could turn into a deadly case of pneumonia as I wouldn’t have a defensive mechanism to combat it. I decided that wasn’t the route I wanted to take and began believing that there had to be a way back to health. All I had to do was find the right puzzle pieces. Eventually I did and have been off medication around 15 years and am in the best shape of my life. May you find your pieces and inner medicine along the path of your journeys.

Barbara Steingas
Barbara Steingas is an award winning author, inspirational speaker and radiant life coach, helping people to optimize their health and vitality.  She can be found at Steingasbooks.  Barbara is joining Mind Key as a resident columnist, sharing her 21 Tips for Healing.
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