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What is Raven Reiki?

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What is Raven Reiki?

One of the core values of Reiki is the notion that the healing does not come from the healer but moves through the healer from a universal energy source. In other words I am a conduit, a hollow bone.  In Reiki there is no ego. I have known healers who become impressed with themselves, thinking they are healing their clients. Shortly their energy becomes depleted. The universe doesn’t condone that notion and reacts accordingly.

The other tougher concept is the necessity to forgive all those who have acted unkindly to you and ask for only the best for them. Hard to get up in the morning and ask for blessings even on those who have wronged you. I try to stay centered and keep these ideas in mind. Not an easy thing to do.

When I do a reading I always hold the clients hands at the conclusion to receive an impression of that person so I may tailor the healing accordingly, but also provide any guidance they may need. Sometimes I feel the person has gifts of their own or that they have an illness that must be addressed. When I ask for the healing to occur, the request is personalized for the client. For instance, when I have done an energy healing for someone who is experiencing difficulty at work, I call in energy, the angels and my guides to protect and shield them but also to bestow upon them the gift of discernment concerning peoples motives – a gift of clairsentience so to speak.

Whatever the issue I try to give guidance based on my impressions and the things my guides are telling me. Sometimes there are spirits that accompany the client for whom I provide a voice. I am no medium but this has occurred several times. Often I have encouraged clients to pursue their own healing path or develop what I perceive as a psychic ability in them. I have clients that see my on a regular basis for readings and healings. I tell each person that if situations change you may want another reading and healing. You never hear anyone say they feel “too good”. One can never receive enough positive energy.

There are many different types of Reiki like Angel Reiki, Shamanic Reiki, Crystal Reiki.  I call what I do Raven Reiki.  It blends everything I’ve learned, like H3 Energy Healing, but I still meditate each day and send all the people in the world, even those who bear me ill will, positive energy.  That’s what Reiki has taught me.

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