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What Is Aquarian Sadhana

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What Is Aquarian Sadhana

What is Aquarian Sadhana?
By Shantprem Kaur
“Wait, five A M?”  I clarify as the beautiful woman all in white nods.
“Uh, are you sure it’s not five PM?” I question hopefully.
She smiles her angelic smile “Yes, I’m sure.”
Yeah right, I think to myself. You’ll never find me doing that.
But, at 5 am the next morning I find myself awake and motivated by curiosity. I wander down the hall of the retreat center beckoned by a quiet murmuring.  I crack the door, slide through the dimly lit room, and settle into the quiet chanting. A peace envelopes me and I know I am onboard for the next two and a half hours.
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