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Spring cleaning: Overcoming the vestiges of winter

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Renew the environment and yourself with spring cleaning
The stunning beauty of the Colorado Rockies in winter have a dirty secret hiding beneath. Photo by Charla Dury

Spring cleaning: Overcoming the vestiges of winter

By Charla Dury

A couple of years ago I wrote the following blog.  With March’s theme of renewal, I look back again with a critical eye, noticing the trends that the Denver Metro area goes through on an annual basis.  Renewal is an exciting time to shed the old, and blossom once again in the warmth.  To come out of your winter shell and wear bright colors. I find this particularly interesting to note after last week’s discussion on addiction, particularly considering the kind of trash commonly found under the snow. Renewal and spring cleaning–both physically and metaphorically–is such an important part of recovery, and overcoming the winter blahs.

Wear your bright colors again, Denver!


Renew with community spring cleanup

Photo by Charla Dury

Spring cleaning: Liquor bottles and the vestiges of winter

This time of year is so sad to me. Don’t get me wrong. I’m excited that spring is coming, that the snow is melting and the days are getting warmer and longer. I love all of those things. Especially after all the snow we had this year. What makes me sad is what’s under the snow.

Every year around this time it becomes painfully obvious how much trash is hiding in the emaciated bushes and in the dirt clogged gutters. Bottles and wrappers, cigarette butts and cans can be found every few feet in the industrial warehouse-centric area where I work and on the highways when I’m stuck in traffic.

Eventually, the Department of Corrections will assign teams of folks doing court-ordered community service to grab their orange bags and pick up trash. Until then, sadness and disgust creep into my disposition… CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Charla Dury
Editor and COO

Mother, blogger, cyclist, travel enthusiast, accountant and writer, Charla Dury blogs about her experience in humanity. Whether fact, fiction, poetry or creative nonfiction, Charla’s writing brings out the human experience in each of us. “We are all part of one big human family and can relate to each other on multiple levels,” Charla said. “It doesn’t have to be only skin deep.” One of the most profound reasons Charla blogs is to bring back a sense of community and connectedness that is often lost in the world of technology.

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