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Vertical Gardening with the Rodale Institute – Snapshot

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Vertical Gardening with the Rodale Institute – Snapshot


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Vertical Garden!
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Vertical Gardening in Urban Environments  
Many urban centers across the U.S. have been labeled as “food deserts” where city residents do not have access to local, fresh produce. Food is transported to city centers by the truckloads from miles away, oftentimes arriving close to or past their expiration and in questionable condition. As a result, city residents, who account for 81% of the U.S. population, are provided with low quality produce. Urban gardening and farming has risen in the last decade. However, increasing green spaces and food production in urban environments is not without challenges and risks. 
Rodale Institute has designed a number of prototypes for vertical gardening called “Growing Towers.” Advantages of using growing towers include creating space vertically for plant production, minimizing the risks associated with soil contamination by reducing contact and exposure, providing an additional option for urban gardening, and increasing natural beauty in a concrete environment. Learn to make one today!
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