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Understanding Manifestation: Our July Issue’s Overview

Mind KEY / Energy  / Understanding Manifestation: Our July Issue’s Overview
Dreams by Kerstin Zettmar

Understanding Manifestation: Our July Issue’s Overview

By Danielle Rose


Manifestation is the law of attraction.


Merriam-Webster defines “manifestation” as a:  the act, process, or an instance of manifesting. b(1) :  something that manifests or is manifest. b(2):  a perceptible, outward, or visible expression (ie: external manifestations of gender).


If you believe in the palpability of energy, then you understand if we can visualize something, we can bring it into our lives.  There’s more to the phrase “what you see is what you get” than meets the eye.  When we “see” something in our mind’s eye, that’s what we move toward energetically.  And when the energy-self moves, the physical body follows.


How to manifest


If we seek to bring something to us — be it love, money, career …anything… — we must put our energy into it. It’s the first step to creating a pathway toward that which we want.  Once opportunities begin to unfold, doors open, and things begin to move.  Your next step is to take action by accepting those opportunities and physically doing that which you’ve energetically envisioned.  

The idea of manifesting what want is so squishy… but that’s because it begins in energy. In our Manifestation issue, we will strive to quantify that energy. We will talk about it for what it is and how it feels. We will offer actual, quantifiable actions that can help us manifest our dreams.  And we will back these actions up with science, solid first-hand experiences, and logic. Our goal isn’t to be an all-inclusive resource for manifestation, but to offer an understanding of how and why it works, as well as offer further resources and assistance to help you continue learning and experiencing the benefits of acknowledging and working with energy in your daily life.


Manifestation and Empowerment


What are ways we can realistically create the thought and energy patterns to open the doors we desire? How do we overcome the fear to take the leaps and the big steps that present themselves? When a door has opened, how can we trust that it’s the right choice? Particularly when the stakes are high (like quitting a job, investing money, or moving away from family/loved ones)?


Manifestation is one part desire, and ten parts empowerment—feeling empowered enough to be able to take the bull by the horns, so to speak, and create the future you desire from the tools you have at hand. Sometimes manifestation means going outside your comfort zone to make things happen. This can only help improve wellness—which helps us feel more full and empowered—which keeps the cycle of manifestation rolling.


This Month’s 101


This month, expect stories on the tools for easy manifestation, manifesting the career you dreamed of, manifesting the right partner, and how mindfulness is at the crux of manifestation and empowerment.


Tell us your thoughts on manifestation. What manifesting tools have you used? What have you manifested before? Let us know!

Danielle Rose
Founder, Mind Key

I help people follow their dreams! As the founder, CEO and Editor-in-Chief at Mind Key, Danielle has the skills and abilities to help you grow in your chosen career, or to launch the business of your dreams to the next level.

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