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True Peace at Balance Yoga Studio: A Review

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"Soft light shines through as you practice" by Lizbeth Fabian

True Peace at Balance Yoga Studio: A Review

By Lizbeth Fabian

Taking the drive to Balance Yoga Studio, I tried to calm my nerves about getting back into Yoga. Maybe because I wore the wrong spandex leggings or because I haven’t taken a yoga class in three years, I couldn’t help but think that entire session would be a disaster. Seemed like this was the opposite of finding the balance yoga peace I was seeking. Since this was a free Beginners class in their new studio, my negative thinking had me repeat, “at least I didn’t pay for it” over and over again in the parking lot. Yet the funny thing about over-dramatic negative thoughts is … you’re always surprised on how wrong you can be.

The Yoga Studio

Although Balance Studio is made up of two rooms and a small desk, the space also made you feel like you were practicing at the comfort of your own home. Painted in white ivory, decorated with sheer curtains and a limited number of statues and pictures, the studio held a warm soothing vibe the second you walked through the door.


Greeted by my instructor, Megan, I was asked to fill out a waiver form and explain any injuries or discomfort I had with my body. I was also offered any materials I might’ve forgotten at home like towels, water, mats, etc. Once completed, I entered the quiet room where class was soon to commence. My classmates were already on their mats, taking a couple minutes before class to meditate and center themselves. Since I was unaware of what they were doing, I just layed my head on my mat and pretended to do the same.


Peaceful Balance


The level of care I received in the Hot Yoga Basics class was surprising. Seemed like past instructors (like at the YMCA) never bothered getting to know me or the mixed group standing before them. Megan, Balance Studio’s mixed flow instructor, expressed friendly concern over the bodies of each individual. Her light-hearted banter and playfulness removed the pressure of perfect posing. Rather than competing, there was almost encouragement for each other to do better. Therefore if one person fell out of a position or stepped down to child’s pose for a break, it wasn’t the end of the world.


I found a real sense of balance with my first class. Any problems I had walking into the studio were completely forgotten about at namaste. Stress melted off my shoulders the second I rose to roll up my mat. At that moment, the only thought circling my head was “Did I just find true peace?”

Peace with meditation

The Aftermath


Consequently, the yoga class much better than I expected. With the right instructor and patience, you can accomplish different level poses, even as a beginner. With the quiet and un-nerving space Balance Studio provided, meditation is capable for anyone. Hence, the experience was truly relaxing. As if years of weight have been lifted off my shoulders. For the month of August they had a free Friday class special that I went to religiously. Most of all, it was the perfect way to end my summer.


If you’re in the South Jersey area, consider Balance Yoga as a place to exercise, rejuvenate and connect.  They are located at 1160 Amboy Ave, Perth Amboy, NJ 08861. If you’ll more information on classes and services, visit, email, or call 732.697.YOGA (9642).

Lizbeth Fabian

Hi there, I'm Liz. I'm a writer and editing intern with Mind Key. Born and raised in a big city, I grew up surrounded by many different cultures, people, and learned about different forms of art. Thanks to that, I have big dreams I'm ready to fulfill. Currently, I'm finishing up my B.A. at William Paterson University and looking for a great Graduate program to further my education.

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