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Support our veterans at Visions in Black and White fundraising event

By Kelly Rockey Imagine being someone who spends a good part of their life making wishes come true. For Sandy Mitchell, that life is a reality. Sandy is the founder of Project Help for veterans fundraising, an all-volunteer, 501c3 charity in New Jersey. Project Help has one mission and one mission only, to support veterans and their families in times of need.  Those needs usually revolve around lack of funds due to lack of meaningful employment, second only to lack of housing, especially when a family is involved.     Why Project Help for veterans needs our help Many vets are dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder [PTSD] and Traumatic Brain Injury [TBI] both usually the result of being in the military and being in combat.  Neither is curable,...

Littleton, CO Event – Veteran’s Passport to Hope at The Melting Pot during the month of May

In June, Mind Key will be featuring stories of giving back and paying it forward; why we do it and how it affects us.  This month-long event being held at The Melting Pot in Littleton, CO was too good to pass up posting right now, however.  Mind Key throws our support wholeheartedly behind the Veterans who serve this proud country.  If you're in or near Littleton, support veterans by visiting The Melting Pot in the month of May and start giving back to those who would give everything for you. Locations ( Littleton ) Our Events Create Your Night   join us during the month of May for our Charity Wine Dinner benefiting Veteran’s Passport to Hope.   Veteran’s Passport to Hope 's primary mission is to raise awareness within...

I am grateful

I am grateful in a way words do not describe.  In a deep, quiet way that is frustratingly impossible to describe. Today is a day that was never given much more than a second thought in my youth.  A day no one bothered explaining in much detail.  Or perhaps they tried, falling short of words as I am falling short now.I am grateful because in my adult life I came across veterans who put their lives in danger to protect mine.  I am grateful because the collapse of the World Trade Center shook me to my very core, as if I myself had felt the buildings tumble at my feet.  Because in a way they had, and my life would never again be the same.  I...