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time is limitless

Connect the dots–make the most of time

We can’t believe how fast this month has flown by. And that’s just what January’s theme was all about--shifting our perceptions of time to better serve us. No matter what your perception, our society depends on a linear model for almost everything. Can that line be changed? Some articles this month asked readers to challenge their definition of chronology. Others offered guidance on how to make the most of the traditional linear view. Our goal was to help you organize, feel more centered, and incorporate more productivity into your lifestyle. Week One--center yourself In Plan to achieve your dreams, creative journaling becomes a means to be more focused and organized in 2017. Improve productivity and creativity, organize thoughts, and achieve your goals with The helpfulness of lists. Also,...

January’s Issue: Time – How do you view it?

[caption id="attachment_5204" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Time is a clock in the sand begging to be overlooked - It's only a "thing" if we make it one.[/caption] We depend on time for everything. We are so conditioned to run on or by it, that there's a sense of jealousy or confusion for those who don't know or care. But what is time? We as a society measure it in linear terms. We adhere to this linear definition so tightly that we find it difficult to even be open to a different interpretation. How do we find the time to do all that we hope? Can we manifest more, or bend it? What does it mean to "spend our time wisely” and why is it so important to "stop to...


A gnat meanders strangely lazy, a zigzagged path devoid of structure or line.  A dandelion throws seed to the wind.  A lens, the human eye, scanning history books, film photographs, attics musty with clutter.     Last night the clocks went back and we gained an hour.How ridiculous that sounds.  How could we possibly gain an hour any more than we lost one last spring?  As educated humans we tell ourselves the truth - that nothing was lost or gained, that we simply changed the clocks to better serve our needs.  And this we call “Daylight Savings Time…”  as if we actually saved any time, or daylight for that matter.  "Broken Time" by Danielle RoseHow silly are we to think that we have any control of...