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“Yin and Yang: The Duality of Balance”- The Mind Key Anthology, Second Edition

As the Mind Key Project continues to grow and evolve, we are looking ahead at some exciting collaborations.  One of them is the second edition of the Mind Key Anthology, a collection of art, stories and poems that reflect Mind Key’s passion for life and discovery to one’s purpose. The first edition of “The Mind Key Project:  An Anthology” attracted the exquisite work of many artists and writers, all of which contributed to the book by sharing their love and passion for life.  The beautifully composed book shared captivating images of nature, magic and health while reflecting on intrinsic stories of faeries, Celtic rituals, and much more. Visit to see some interior images and purchase a copy of this first edition.Mind Key is thrilled to...

Charla’s story of Mind Key – Charla Dury

I’ve been blogging off and on for nine years.  That’s right, I said 9 whole years!  I started on MySpace (can you believe that I mentioned MySpace to a younger coworker today and he had no idea what I was talking about?) and I gained a tremendous following.  Over 300 subscribers.  I blogged about  family, friends, life, politics, love, kids, poetry (and poetry games) and personal experiences. Pretty much anything.  Except fiction.  I read fiction, I don’t write much of it.   Sadly sinking MySpace I blogged on MySpace for a few years, making many new friends along the way.  I created Charlapalooza and Walk The Word (incredibly attended and insanely popular poetry games,) was picked up as a weekly poet on and, with...

The Mind Key Midsummer Festival is Tomorrow, Saturday June 20th

The Mind Key Midsummer Festival is an opportunity for the Community at large to meet vendors and educators whose goal is to help you find healing and passion.  At Mind Key, we believe that when you are on a path that leaves you fulfilled, inspired, and always striving for the next best thing, then health and happiness follow.  We’ve planned a day of events with this belief in mind.  Self discovery through dream interpretation, creative activity, and different health modalities are only a few of the ways we’re sharing our path with you.  Musicians are encouraged to bring their instruments and play at our open mic.  Poets and writers can read their work between demonstrations throughout the day.  Children will have an opportunity to explore...

The Mind Key Community: Meet Sarah

Mind Key Member, Sarah LoukosIf you’re so psychic tell me when my birthday is. When people ask me questions like that, I know they don’t understand what being psychic really means.Sarah LoukosAlthough a deeply connected Mind Key Member, Sarah Loukos is more than just a psychic.  She picks up on the subtleties of humanity, particularly those of the emotional variety.  “I can’t read your mind,” she clarifies. But as an empath, she can energetically read the emotional signals each person’s body and aura transmits.  Once aware of a person’s dominant feelings she uses her clairvoyance (psychic seeing), clairaudience (psychic hearing), and claircognizance (psychic knowing) to decipher what is happening to trigger the emotion—the loss of a pet or friend, or news of a marriage or...