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Global Event – The Story Triangle with Marisa Goudy Wednesday May 11th

       Storytelling is a form of creative release.  Join Marisa at her Story Triangle webinar tomorrow. You have good work to share with your community. You want to build and audience and build a business. You're on a mission to make this world more beautiful, bearable, and bold. It's time to become a stronger, more confident storyteller. … That’s how I open my invitation to the Story Triangle webinar. Does this describe you too? Yes? In that case, I hope you can join me for the free online class coming up at 1 PM ET on Wednesday, May 11. To watch live, please visit: This is a live encore presentation of the webinar I offered last month. If you joined me then or watched the replay and enjoyed it, please share the event...

Profiles for Success – Marisa Goudy

Marisa Goudy is a writer who helps emerging thought leaders tell stories that matter. Through coaching and online courses, she empowers therapists, healers, and other creative entrepreneurs to write content that connects. In 2016, Marisa is showing her audience that it's possible to easily and confidently create online content with her #365StrongStories project (discover the stories by searching the hashtag or following Marisa). Marisa says that she was born a writer who lost track of that for many years thanks to a graduate degree in Irish lit and a career in academic library administration. As it is for many folks, a shocking and unexpected life event propelled her to make a change. Marisa's book. Grab your free copy HERE "Though I’d always suspected there was something to...

NaNoWriMo 2015: What You Need to Know

For writers, this is the highly anticipated month of the year.  We bite our fingernails to stubs, elusively try to rearrange our schedules, and promise—no, threaten—ourselves to be as productive as possible.It’s NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month, and it’s the most wonderful time of the year.  Okay, maybe Christmas is, but November holds a very special value for those who yearn to write a novel or simply tackle a writing project.Sounds crazy?  It is… a bit.  The truth is if we silence our inner critic, if we truly sit down and ignore the grammatical mistakes, editing faux-pas, and everything telling us that our writing isn’t turning out right, then the 50,000 word mark is actually achievable.  Read author Marissa Meyer’s guest blog to find out...