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Winter Solstice Full Moon Ritual and Celebration

An evening of celebration of the Winter Solstice.  A night of spiritual meditation calling upon the sacred circle of the elements. Singing, drumming, and dancing celebrating life and receiving blessings from the Earth. An Evening Celebration at a private loft in Tribeca Manhatten Exact address provided upon registration $22 per person. Ages 11-17, half price. Children 10 and under free. $30 at the door (If you do not register ahead of time, please email Robin Rose Bennett if you plan on attending.)...

The Old Soul

When our third son was born and we looked into his eyes, we could feel it.  Jakob had an old soul.Our first two boys were normal (and awesome, of course) babies.  New, cuddly, and learning things for the first time.  With Jakob it was different.  Jake knew and still knows things before his time.  Jake, studying for the 2008 electionHe was walking at eight months, because I think he expected it of himself.  Being surrounded by so many walking people, he figured he should be doing that, so he did.  He decided he should walk down stairs at eight and a half months.  He biffed it big time, but he reached up, grabbed the railing and stepped off into nothingness like he knew exactly...

Coalescence Holistic Expo – a joining of likeminded people and ideas

 Coalescence is the bringing together and joining of like-minded people, ideas and things. The Coalescence Expo, set for Sunday, September 14th from 1-7 pm, was created when Kathy Steinberg was guided to join the local Rockland County area’s spiritual and holistic community.  “[This is] an opportunity for vendors, healers, speakers and psychics/intuitives to gather and interact with others,” Kathy said.Kathy is a Licensed Master Social Worker and was the owner of Good Vibrations Personal Growth Center and New Age Shop in Suffern, NY.  During this time Kathy said a community formed around the Center and Shop.  Although the space closed in 2008, the community continues to thrive through her website  Kathy currently works as a therapist and healer in Suffern.  According to intuitive Star Blossom Goddess:...

Trinity Summer Fest 2014

This weekend, August 16th & 17th, Trinity Metaphysical Center & Gift Shop of Hamburrg, NJ will be hosting Trinity Summer Fest 2014 at the Sussex County Fairgrounds (37 Plains Road, Augusta, NJ 07822).  With free admission, this indoor/outdoor festival will be held rain or shine in the Richards Building and surrounding fairgrounds.Dubbed North Jersey's Premier Metaphysical and Paranormal Festival, the event will benefit the Willco Fire Bay Renters, who lost their businesses due to an arson fire, and the Branchville, NJ Fire Department.  There will be bands, vendors, and events to nourish mind, body and soul.Discover food, practitioners, paranormal groups, ghost hunting, on-site camping, live bands and entertainment, and more. Practitioners from throughout the country will be providing services including psychic readings, energy healing, reflexology, massage...