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The Mind Key Community: Meet Sarah

Mind Key Member, Sarah LoukosIf you’re so psychic tell me when my birthday is. When people ask me questions like that, I know they don’t understand what being psychic really means.Sarah LoukosAlthough a deeply connected Mind Key Member, Sarah Loukos is more than just a psychic.  She picks up on the subtleties of humanity, particularly those of the emotional variety.  “I can’t read your mind,” she clarifies. But as an empath, she can energetically read the emotional signals each person’s body and aura transmits.  Once aware of a person’s dominant feelings she uses her clairvoyance (psychic seeing), clairaudience (psychic hearing), and claircognizance (psychic knowing) to decipher what is happening to trigger the emotion—the loss of a pet or friend, or news of a marriage or...