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The Juice Box Incident, from the memoir “The Golden Skillet” by Tara Ann Lesko

Ignore them and they will stop when they see they can’t get the reaction they want out of you. Another commonly used and utterly false declaration. Nuisances don’t care about being ignored by one person because there is always going to be a group of sheep bleating behind them in support. So I sat at the table with my head down. My tiresome lunch looking up at me – the scent of chocolate milk, fruit cups, and mozzarella cheese swirled around my throbbing head. I looked at my juice box that was slightly crunched since it was mostly empty. Juice boxes are all fine and dandy, but there is only problem with them. They are never enough. Your thirst is vaguely quenched once you reach...

The Story of Ty’s Eyes

Ty Rockey is nine years old and about to start the fourth grade.  Like most boys his age, he enjoys watching TV, riding his bike and playing outside with his friends.  Unlike most boys, Ty was born blind. Ty has Lebers Congenital Amaurosis type 1 (or LCA1), a genetic retinal disorder that can occur on one of 19 different genes, causing blindness from a very young age or birth.  “After we got a diagnosis we were completely devastated,” Ty’s mother, Kelly said.  “We had never even met a blind person before and had no idea what to expect or what his future would be like.”The Rockey family has since learned a lot about how blindness does not have to be a limitation.  Ty reads using braille,...

Divination as a modality of healing and growth

Divination is becoming more and more a tool for self development, healing and growth.  Most often it comes in the gentle form of intuition that health care practitioners use to guide them in their decisions. This is especially true of certain alternative healing modalities, but it holds water even in standard medical practices.  Think of the analytical character, House M.D., who relies as heavily on traditional medicine as he does his gut.  We use our gut when we need to make decisions with no right answer, with pro and con lists that are evenly balanced, or when we simply know something “isn’t right.”    Our intuition leads us to chose our profession, our partners, our homes.  We convince ourselves that we’ve made these choices because...